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Pro-Mec Optical

(619) 295-2221

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3786 30th St
San Diego,CA 92104

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3786 30th St San Diego,CA 92104

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Pro-Mec Eyeglass Repair which means Professional Mechanics. Specializing in eyeglass frame repair. A while you wait service. We've been in the same location for 40 years, using high tech methods of gold and silver solder for a guaranteed excellent repair.  Pro-Mec also specializes in repairs of sunglasses and antique glasses, also hard to find parts. We are known for our  great customer service  and long lasting good reputation with all of our Optometrists and Optical dispensers and walk-in clientele.
We do have a 99.9% satisfied customer base, but there is always one or more that will complain about everything.That's just human nature. our technician is 99.9%perfect.


Established in 1972

This business was thought of in the 1940's.When working for an optical lens making lab. Once in a while the lab would break a frame. The frame would have to be repaired some how. Practice would make perfect . Now here we are from parents to kids to the grandkids.

Meet the Business Owner: Heidi and Jerry J.

Original owners

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