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Sunglass & Optical Warehouse

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3450 Kurtz StSte D
San Diego,CA 92110

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  • It is ok to use your old frame and put new lenses in it but in most case you can't put the new frame on the old lenses. As the lenses are made based on your prescription and the optical center in the lenses are fixed. If you change the size or shape of the lenses, the optical center will also change and they no longer fit your prescription.

  • This depends on what lenses and shipping method you choose, namely the time includes the processing time and shipping time.


    In most cases, the processing may take 3-4 business days for normal single vision eyeglasses. Orders with tinted lenses may take 5-7 business days. Orders with photochromic lenses, polarized lenses, Bifocals/Progressive lenses, or Wraparound prescription sunglasses may take 8-11 business days.
    You can check this site to know more about shipping time

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  • When you talk about the legally blindness, many people may confuse about its definition. Actually the real definition of "legal blindness" is that your vision field may be as most as 20 degrees. That is to say, your best level of vision that you can achieve or the best vision you can be corrected to is limited to 20 degrees even when you wear the glasses. Many people feel that they are legally blind. The reason why they feel this can't leave with the fact that they cannot see a foot in front of their face after they remove their glasses or contact lenses which are the vision help for them. However, when they put on their vision correction like eyeglasses or contact lenses, they can only see 20/20. However, the blindness means that you could see anything even if you wear the eyeglasses or contact lenses. There exists the big difference between the blindness and legally blindness.

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  • It seems that your sunglasses are not suitable for you. But that is a very common problem we might get, since there are lots of different head sizes, so what I recommend is that you should try to find an optical store and ask the salesperson to help you, they have got the necessary skills and tools to adjust those arms and you could be well satisfied. And then you don't have to buy another pair.

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