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13637 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA

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General Impression:

Dr. Stanley is the MAN!!! He has helped soooo many people, in both his practice and the community at large. J.J. below must be telling himself/herself when they say someone in this scenario "is unhappy". Dr. Stan has the BEST jokes, and where can you find that these days,PLUS the people that work for and with him could not be nicer. The receptionist was not "handing this patient off" by providing her with direct access to a busy man, who took the time to take his/her call. There is no way he could have legally and ethically filled a two year old prescription. Your eyes change so much in just a year! And, with regard to money... I have never ever seen this doctor's office turn away someone with money problems. They do everything they can to work with you, if you are someone experiencing said. Had the previous patient just asked for a payment plan, they would have received it, plus excellent service. What could have prevented them from taking the 30 minutes an exam takes to get their OWN prescription for glasses (after a two year break) and not try to BLAME the doctor for their own procrastination? So he didn't call you back. It is your eyes and you said you had "days". You should have called again. Anyway, we cannot stop people like this poster from having bad manners (if you can't say anything nice about someone, do not say anything at all), which is just a part of the law of attraction, "you reap what you sow", so in Dr. Postar's case he reaps many benefits from his wonderful and humorous personality, his generous and caring nature, his ability to lead and serve others, and his consummate professional skills and behavior! He is a gentleman and a scholar and our community is better for him being in it. Kudos to you Dr. Postar and team! We love you!!!

02/04/2013 BY Shelly Hillman

General Impression:

Dr. Postar has been my optometrist since I was in dental school (over 30 years). As a medical professional, I will respond to the comment by JJ. Dr. Postar legally, ethically and morally could not write a prescription for a patient who had been out of the practice for the length of time state by JJ; that would be malpractice. Dr. Postar is passionate about his practice and maintains the hightest standards of care for his patient; JJ didn't realize that he was extending this dedication to her by refusing to do for her what would be considered "practicing below the standard of care". Dr. Postar is highly trained, competent and "state of the art" in his practice. I drive 90 minutes (or more) to his practice because I know he is "tops" in his field.

01/20/2012 BY Dr. Mateja

General Impression:

Stanley Postar is one of the best sought out doctors in this area he should be. i've been seeing him for over 10 years and he is wonderful. its sad to read how ignorant people can be when writing these reviews. Why should he RISK his professional license for someone so insolent. Clearly this person has no regard for his business, and for going for as long as they said they did.....THEY SHOULD KNOW BETTER!! I wouldn't trust any other doctor but him for my eye care needs!!

11/30/2011 BY MARIA

General Impression:

If I could give this eye doctor 0 stars I would.
He's an a**, he's arrogant, and if this was the last eye doctor on Earth, I would not go to him.

My story?
He was my eye doctor for years. Because there was a period when money was tight, about 2 years went by without my having an annual checkup. And as my contact lens prescription had expired, I needed another one to get more contacts. (Not something I wore much, but once in a while.)

I called his office, asking if I could get the same prescription re-written, as I was heading out of town on business. I acknowledged I hadn't been there for quite a while, but promised I'd come in after my trip for an exam. They said the doctor would get back to me.

He didn't. I called again, days later. The receptionist hands me off to him, whereupon he erupts into unreasonable rudeness, shows no compassion for my financial situation in the past, refuses to provide me with a renewal prescription, and says go get another eye doctor!

I could not frickin' believe it. Is this the same guy I'd been going to for 15 years? (Yes.) If I'd been someone who'd only seen him once or twice, I perhaps could have understood this. But after all this time? Was my request really that unreasonable? Are my eyes really going to be damaged by wearing the same prescription for a few more weeks? Of course not.

Maybe he's an unhappy man, I don't know, I can't analyze his psychological state. But he's only friendly if it suits him (i.e., you're paying him money).

Do yourself a favor. If you need an eye doctor, there's PLENTY of others out there, who know how to be nice, helpful and reasonable.

02/18/2011 BY JJ

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  • Wow, calm down, guy. It is not right that eye strain causes nearsightedness. On the contrary, sometimes nearsightedness can bring you eye strain. In nowadays, I think eye strain has already become part of my life now. And we need to pay more attention to it. But you don' t need to be too worried. Just take it easy. You should know that eye strain is inevitable in our life now so what you can only do is to get used to it instead of running away from it. However, in terms of this, I have some good ways for you to solve this, you might as well improve this situation by wearing glasses or contacts. And you can also improve this by getting a certain eye surgery, what do you think? Just relax, okay?

  • There are several reasons for your eyes becoming smaller than usual. First of all, it may because that you cried the night before, so that the overabundance of water as well as the salinity in the tears will lead to the angioneurotic edema in the eyes, which means that the blood vessels and nerves in the eyes get edema. If in this kind of case, you can just use ice bag to do cold compress on the eyes, and after a while, the eyes will recover gradually. Secondly, it can be drinking too much alcohol that leads to the eyes becoming smaller than usual. It can be alcohol interaction or alcohol allergy. If in this case, you can take some cetirizine and vitamin C to reduce the edema in the eyes, and pay attention not to eat allergic foods such as durian, nor should you eat spicy foods, and you should have light diet. However, in some cases it can be disorder of liver function, and you should go to the doctor's to have a examination. Inadequate sleep and rest can also lead to eye edema. Therefore, getting good and enough sleep and rest is very important.

  • I like fish very much. Fish are good for our eyes. Don't you see the cat can see things clearly in the night? Ha-ha, it is because they eat lots of fish. If you give a cat a fish and a rat, I am sure it will run to the fish immediately.

  • Yes, you could get yellow eyes because of mono which has the great effect on the liver. As we know, liver has been called the anticoagulant effect and histamine can change the permeability of the capillaries. Mono is one of the largest white blood cells volume deviation. Its nucleus is often shown pleomorphism, avoiding horseshoe kidney shape is irregular shape. It is often in fold sense. Chromatin is loose mesh and color is more pale cytoplasm and basophilic. It contains a large number of small particles which is addicted to the azure and dyed gray blue, with peroxidase blood smea. Mono anemia can occur in malignant neoplasm of malaria, leishmaniasis and parasite infection of various diseases, syphilis which can also occur sexual tuberculosis, viral hepatitis, sepsis endocarditis, hyperthyroidism and nodular diseases. Because of the affection of liver, your eyes will show the yellow color which you need to pay attention to. You need to use some eyes drops to release the symptom. In addition, you could take the home remedy of warm compress into consideration.

  • Single vision lenses refer to lenses that have only one use, either to see objects in the distance, or for reading (reading glasses). While bifocals/progressives are a type of prescription eyeglasses that can be used to correct both near and farsightedness.Hope this helpful.

  • Black tea contains lots of Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2 and Carotene, these elements are good for getting fever away and keep your eyes bright and moisture, which help prevent dry eyes and eye tiredness. Drinking black tea is also helpful for keeping fit and enhancing digestion

  • If you have perfect vision, you can get non prescription computer glasses with antireflective layer. The computer glasses do work to reduce the computer radiation which may cause eye dry, itch and fatigue.If you don't know where to buy , might be the place to start with for its competitive price and various selections. With their years of experience in the optical industry and professional service that has earned them quite a reputation, you are sure to find your shopping experience there a satisfying one.

  • Non prescription reading glasses are made with the same power in both lenses. They are suitable for people whose eyes have the same power in both eyes. However, most people have different unique prescription. If you have your own unique prescription, non prescription reading glasses will make you feel uncomfortable and actually cause problems instead of helping to correct vision. Some people will even have sore eyes and dizziness when they wear non prescription reading glasses for a long time. So it is better and more saft to wear prescription one.

  • It is very easy. After you choose the frame that you like and then input your prescription and place an order. They will send you a pair of prescription reading glasses.

  • We can just remove mild scratches from our lenses. As to the deep lenses, there is no way to get rid of them. If you just have mild scratches on your lenses, you can buy a kind of cleanser from a nearby optician. The optician knows which kind of cleanser you want. But the cleanser will remove the coating as well, so your sunglasses can't block harmful UV rays any more. If you have deep scratches on your lenses, you'd better buy a pair of new sunglasses.