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6700 West Emerald Rd
Boise, ID 83704-8727

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  • Cucumber is one of the natural home remedies to cure our eye bags. Other remedies for eye bags are creams and gels or surgery treatments. You can also use cool tea bags to reduce eye bags. Surgery treatments are often used when eye bags are caused by aging and usually they are not easy to get rid of by other ways. And this should be the last choice.

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  • Modern photochromic lenses tend to be plastic and instead of silver chemicals they contain organic (carbon-based) molecules called naphthopyrans that react to light in a slightly different way: they subtly change their molecular structure when ultraviolet light strikes them. In this altered form, they soak up more ordinary light as it tries to pass by (technically, we say they have a different absorption spectrum), which is what makes the lenses darken. Imagine lots of molecules suddenly darkening inside a clear lens. It's a bit like closing the blinds in front of your window on a sunny day: as the slats turn, they progressively block out more and more light.You might think all of this would take quite a bit of time, but photochromic lenses respond remarkably quickly. About half the darkening happens within the first minute and they're cutting out about 80% of sunlight within 15 minutes.

  • Can a sinus infection cause other complications?The answer is YES.Why?Sinus infection make lower eyelids be hyperemia and result in blood circulation, thus could cause your eyes to swell.How to avoid it? Take exercise, Fatigue and Rest, dress appropriately, breath fresh air and avoid dry nose, do not always use nasal drip medicine.If there is something wrong with you,go to hospital.

  • It is very bad for the kids to see too much tv or the computer which will cause the short sighted symptom. Yes, the screen is really harmful for the kid's eyes. When you look at the screen at so near distance, your visual nerves will be damaged which will cause the tiredness easily. Thus, you'd better leave some distance between the screen and your eyes.

  • Of course they are reliable.I got most of my glasses online,they are quite cheap and stylish.If you are lucky enough,you can get it for free if they are on sale.

  • Perhaps you can hide your lazy eyes with tinted eyeglasses or sunglasses. The colored lenses that will cover your eyes and stops others to get eye contact with you so as to hide your eyes. Buy you shall buy them with the guide of your eye doctor. Or maybe some colored contact lenses are also help you hide your lazy eyes.

  • Well, as a matter of fact, lasik surgery is really risky , despite the fact that it could greatly improve your vision. However, with the development and advance of technology , it becomes much safer to get lasik surgery, but you still have to keep an eye on your eye health. Anyway, it depends on your point of view, if you really wanna get rid of glasses and contact lenses, then just go for it.

  • I have bought a pair of regular eyeglasses from pearle vision last year. It was about a week i got the eyeglasses. But the eyeglasses seems great. Now, i still wear the glasses. But their customer services told me that the time that need for making eyeglasses is different from different prescription lenses. So, You'd better contact their worker. They will told you how long you need to wait.

  • Yeah. When you buy the glasses, there is a repair kit. You can use these repair kits to fix the eyewear by yourself.