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Juckett Eye Care Center

Juckett Eye Care Center

(847) 384-2020

Category: Optical Stores, Eye Doctor

133 S Northwest Hwy
Park Ridge, IL 60068

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  • If there are some signs of health problems, we should pay attention and do something about it. Dry eyes are usually resulted from a lack of sleep and relaxation of your eyes , maybe constant exposure to computer screen or too much reading. Anyway, you should watch less TV and play less PC, also try to take exercises and take in vitamins and fruits and vegetables.

  • Laser eye surgery is not recommended for teenagers. The FDA strictly prohibits LASIK surgery for those who are not yet 18 years of age. Most reputable eye surgeons will not perform LASIK on a young person until at least the age of 20.Our eyes continue to change during the teenage years, with vision finally stabilizing in our 20s.Because LASIK permanently alters the shape of the cornea, it is far too risky to perform LASIK on a cornea that is still changing in shape and size. If LASIK were to be performed on a teenager, the procedure would probably have to be repeated when he or she reached early adulthood. Once old enough for LASIK, surgeons will make certain of two things: A LASIK candidate should have no pre-existing corneal eye disease and should have a stable prescription for at least a year.

  • Most eye diseases can be caused by unhealthy diet, lack of excercise and excessive work. Overall health also contributes a lot to eye health.

  • Well,at the beginning,ur eyes will be swollen,red and sometimes u will even feel itchy.But don't care about this too much.These r really very common symptoms and u just need to take some measures to stop these from happening again or try to get urself recover soon.If u don't ay enough attention to this,ur situation will just get worse and worse.I think this may be the last thing u want to se.

  • Ghosting is a possible side effect of lasik surgery. Normally, ghosting will occur during the six-month after accepting lasik surgery. Because lasik surgery change the corneal and make it become unnormal. With the development of technology, side effects of laisk surgery become less. More than 95% patients do not have this kind of problem. Generally speaking, within a certain period, ghosting will remit. If ghosting lasts than a several months, you can accept a second surgery. Less than 5% patients can not accept a second surgery. So do not be so worried about it.

  • Although the salt water will have the role of getting rid of the infection at the eyes, it could make your eyes get burning because of the stimulation. You should wash the eyes carefully with the clean water then. At last, you use the clean cloth to dry the eyes. You could also do the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable.

  • Yes, it is possible for you to get blurred vision because of high eye pressure. However, if you want to recover the vision, you'd better calm down the mood and keep the good mood which will not cause the high eye pressure. Then you could drink more water and eat food with vitamin A and C. You should not use the eyes for a long time every day in front of the computers.

  • It's not entirely clear why inadequate sleep results in dark circles under the eyes, but lack of sleep tends to cause the skin to become paler (thus increasing the appearance of darkness under the eyes), and reduces circulation.It's also believed that too little time lying down is a cause in itself.Allergies are a common cause of skin discoloration under the eyes.

  • I can see that your figure is a little bit larger than other people, and so is your face, I mean, a big face really needs a pair of large sunglasses, just like the fat guy in the Hangover, you know? That is quite awesome anyway. Now, you could simply dress yourself up by getting a pair of wayfare sunglasses at Walmart online shopping center and their prices are quite acceptable to most of us. Also, try to pay attention to what you wear.

  • Actually, you can not prevent most cases of retinal detachment. But having routine eye exams is important so that your eye doctor can look for signs that you might be more likely to have a retinal detachment. But some activities or sports you should avoid such as boxing, running, jumping or some other intensive sports.