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Majher Brad D Optmtst

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2720 E 21st St N
Wichita, KS 67214

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  • Try it on then you will see what color and what style is suitable for you.

  • Dear friend, I heard that egg whites can help with puffy eyes. Egg whites can tighten the skins under our eyes and relieve puffy eyes. It can help prevent wrinkles too. So I strongly suggest you to have a try. You can take one egg in a bowl and then separate the yolk. You can use the yolk to make an omelette for yourself in the morning. Next, you can add a few drops of witch hazel into the egg whites and then whip them to get a stiff consistency. Then you can apply the mixture on the skin under your eyes. After it is dry enough, you can wash it with cold water. Hope this helped!

  • I think you may try contact enhancement lenses. As the name implies, an enhancement tint is meant to enhance the natural color of your eyes. Colored contacts with this type of tint usually are best for people who have light-colored eyes and want to make their eye color more intense.

  • Well, I think you are really unlucky due to your professional requirements. Indeed, it would be absolutely harmful to stay in front of a computer, which may give rise to decreased vision, red eyes, even glaucoma. I mean, what you need is to take breaks from time to time, and make sure your diet is balanced and healthy. Also, some exercise keeps your eyes healthy and fit. Better yet, get a pair of computer glasses from Amazon or Ebay.

  • Eye twitching is the out-controlled eyelids spasm. It is not a serious condition but very common that nearly all people might experience it in their whole lift. It can be caused by fatigue, pro-longed starring or eye strain, too much alcohol or caffeine, neurological disorders or even hereditary reason. But normally it is harmless, but rather annoying. If you can transfer your attention to something else, you might fail to realize when did it go off. It is not clear why you get the eye twitching when you blow your nose. It might be some neurological connection or condition. As to some severe cases, people can get medication but it usually provides a temporary relief, and it might bring some unexpected side effects. So for me, when I had eye twitching, I would prefer to have a good rest. I always try to massage my eyes to sooth the skin and nerves. Relax yourself and have a rest. Relaxation can alleviate the stress and fatigue.

  • Firstly, you need to tell me that where your eyeglasses are broken.If it is caused by losing screws, you can tighten the eyeglasses frames with screws. However, if it caused by broken of the plastic frame such as arm or nose bridges, it is very difficult to fix them. Maybe you can fix them with adhesive tape by warp the broken part. It looks ugly if you do that. If so, you'd better buy a new pair. And you can expected to get some cheap but good quality eyeglasses from online shop.

  • Most over the counter eye drops contain preservatives and using it excessively may a rebound effect. You can try to use cold ice bags to numb your eyes for comfort. The problem should go away later. If it still exists, you need to see the doctor.

  • Bright lights stimulate some cells in your eyes. Despite being inside of your eyes, there are some cells never see light. When you move from a lower light area to a brighter area, your pupils are still dilated. Hence the entering light is not focused onto the cells, which are in the back of your eyes. The bright light falls on those sensitive cells would cause your eyes be painful.

  • Yeah, the cocoon sunglasses are so fashionable at the design and perfect at the quality. If you own one, it is so perfect. However, the price of it in the franchise stores is expensive. If your economic condition is allowed, you could go to one and pick one. However, I suggest you to go to the ebay or the amazon to have a look where the price may be suitable.

  • Hello, as far as I know, the most common color of eyes is brown. Brown eyes are common through all races and in all parts of the world, with more than half of the world population having it. Besides, it is the only iris color present. It is because of the presence of large amounts of melanin within the iris stroma.