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Ochsner Clinic
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  • Sounds like you have chosen to take a surgery to fix your vision problem. Before you make your decision, you should get well known of the consequences and side effects. Anyway, you gotta be aware that scar tissue maybe temporary and wouldn't last forever, otherwise people would not choose this way. I suggest that you consult the professional doctor and ask for some help. Just take care of your eyes.

  • Well, generally speaking, high cholesterol is characterized by the presence in the bloodstream of abnormally high total cholesterol. Because of this, you may suffer some eye diseases in your eyes. For example, you may suffer whitish, gray or yellowish deposits around the circumference of the cornea, which are associated with high cholesterol. Also, it can be related to diabetes and high blood pressure. In this way, you may suffer bloodshot eyes and eye strains. By the way, vascular disease of the eye is a concern in individuals with high cholesterol. Anyway, with high cholesterol, you may need to control it by using some medicals. Of course, you should go and see the doctor.

  • Of course dryness and allergies are different. The reasons for the two conditions are different. Allergy would be triggered if you get in contact with some subjects that is allergic. It is always associated with other allergic conditions for example, hay fever and dermatitis. If you have eye allergy, your eyes may be burning, itching, watery and swelling. For eye allergies, eye washing is the most common way to flush irritants out. Some over the counter medicine could effectively help relieve the symptoms. As to dryness of eyes, it is the disturbance of tear film. Tear plays very critical role in eyes. It could help wash eyes, kill bacteria and lubricate eyeball. Dryness of eyes is a syndrome which is the disturbance of tear film. With dryness eyes, you might develop redness, grittiness, foreign body sensation and sensitivity to light. Some infections and inflammation might develop dry eyes too. The treatment for dryness is different from that to allergies. Use a humidifier to add moisture in air which could help relieve dryness. Apply hot compress and do some eye massages. The doctor might prescribe some artificial tear and lubricating gel for the patient, which could provide more moisture and lubrication to eyes. Both can be bought over the counter. You can find these differences between the two conditions. Hope this is helpful to you.

  • Wearing glasses won't make your vision worse. It is because you often overuse your eyes which make your eyes too tired. The excessive eye fatigue is the main reason that cause the vision become worse. So you should relax your eyes as often as possible even if you wear glasses.

  • No, I don't think the high-end sunglasses would last longer than regular sunglasses. I once bought a pair of Gucci sunglasses for almost $300 and another pair of ordinary sunglasses for $100 at the same time. But the Gucci sunglasses got broken in the third year and another pair is fairly good. They are in the fifth year now. It is just my case.

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  • I must admit that suffer blocked tear duct is not a good thing. Blocked tear duct most commonly occurs on new born babies. But it does not mean that adult's can avoid it. On the contrary, if adults who get blocked tear duct, it really troublesome because adults need to receive medicine treatment, sometimes even surgery. However, for the majority of new born babies, blocked tear duct will clean by itself in 6 months. Some may automatically heal in 10 months. When it comes to how long blocked tear duct lasts on adults, oculists will say no exactly time. In adults, blocked must be treated, that is, you need take notes from an oculist, take medicines and drop some special drops everyday. And you have to clean eyelids carefully every morning and night. To sum up, you'll be fine in 2 weeks if you receive professional medicine treatments. Good luck for you.

  • Lasik eye surgery is becoming the popular way to cure our eye problems, however, it will bring some side effect, dry eyes is the one of all symptoms. For the dry eyes, there are many ways to cure it. Keep the home environs humid, between 30 and 50 percent, you could use a humidifier to add moisture for dry indoor air. Avoid smoking or drinking to protect your eyes. Use some especial eye drops to relieve the symptoms, restasis is the right one which FDA approved the prescription eye drop Restasis for the treatment of chronic dry eyes. Use baby shampoo to do hot compresses and eyelid scrubs, it can provide a thicker, more stable lipid layer. It is useful to help your eyes feel good. Do not rub your eyes when your eyes feel dry, beause your hands are not so clean that cause the more serious situation. Be happy everyday is also the key part for curing dry eyes. Good luck for you, everything will be OK.

  • At first, I need to say that peripheral vision is a part of vision. In general, far peripheral vision, mid-peripheral vision and near-peripheral vision exists at the edges of the field of view, in the middle of the field of view and next to the center of gaze respectively. As we know, we get the images of a object by our imaging system. It receives the lights reflecting from the object by receptor cells and then transform them into chemical information. Finally, our brain can receive the image by translating the chemical information. Our receptor cells on the retina are assigned most at the center and lest at the edges. The two main cells, rod cells and cone cells help us to distinguish color and shape. The former is concentrated in the periphery to distinguish shape, while the latter is predominant at the center of the retina to differ color.