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  • NO, extended contacts can't come in different colors. Because the extended wear lenses should have high oxygen transmission levels and enable our eyes to breath more, but with colors, they can't. So they won't accept the colors.

  • Well, from your description, I can see that you have got some trouble, because our eyes would not hurt without a reason. I suspect that your situation is resulted from bad napping gesture, which put some pressure on your eyeball, thus, painful feeling was generated. Anyway, try to take care of your eyes and pay more attention. Hope you get things right~

  • As we all know, you get what you pay for. So it is wise for you to choose the one with a good reputation and good after service. Those with a higher price may have a good quality, or can indicate that they have casted a lot of money into their public recognition and projected a good public image. A brand name on the box can simply identified what was inside. You can choose GUCCI, ARMANI, channel and so on. Some glasses come in very cheap prices because of shoddy workmanship. These can not be enduring and its shapes, colors and sizes can be completely different from what you have seen in their homepage. So, it is wise to listen to the former buyer and buy sunglasses from a legal source. Well, generally, you can require the basic figures of the frame including lens width, lens height, bridge distance and arm/temple length, which can be labeled inside of the sunglasses temples from your online store merchants.

  • Yes. Actually, varifocals DO take a while to get used to, and depending on what level of varifocal lens you chose when you got your glasses that might also have an effect. When your optician fit new glasses, they will measure your PD, or pupil distance so the center of the lens is positioned correctly in the frame to give you the best vision and avoid that dizziness. With varifocals and bifocals it is even more important to make sure this measurement is correct. If it is even slightly out this could cause, or at least exacerbate any other symptoms of vertigo that you experience, although these should stop when you take the glasses off if this is the cause.

  • Well, yes, when you get headache after you have worn a pair of new glasses, it is possible for you to have the wrong prescription. Generally speaking, glasses with wrong prescription may cause headaches because of eye strain. In common, when you have glasses with wrong prescription, it is easy for your eyes to suffer eye strain. And then it will lead to headache, dizziness, vertigo and nausea etc. Using eyeglasses with an incorrect prescription will not provide you well vision aids. You may still get blurry vision. So, It is easy to know if your eyeglasses are with wrong prescription or not.

  • Yet, it could help reduce wrinkles to some extent. Honey contains glucose and fructose. There are many kinds of nutrition in fructose, such as minerals, vitamin and amino acid. It is well known that honey has many functions, detoxification, diminishing inflammation, cellular reproduction ability promotion and moisturizing and so on. Let me introduce you a mask with egg and honey which can help relieve wrinkles. Stir an egg with a spoon of honey. Spread this mixture evenly on your face, especially the part with wrinkles. Wait for a few minutes until you fell your skin tightened. Wash the mixture off with water. This could nourishes skin and reduce wrinkles. You might found your skin tightened and sparking. When you do some other masks you add some honey too. I always put pearl powder, milk and honey together, to brighten my skin color, cleanse pores and tighten the skin. It is very helpful and natural mask, which is much better than any other cosmetics. At least I think so. Hope this can help you.

  • Sunglasses/goggles may work. If you want to proect your eyes better, the oversized sunglasses may be your first choice cause they can wrap your eyes around.

  • Yes, it is really bad for you to suffer the pinguecula which will last in your eyes with no disappearing symptom unless you do the surgery. Or else, it could just release for a while if you use the eye drops with anti-inflammation. You should keep notice of using your eyes and not sit in front of computers for a long time.

  • Well, I will suggest you should go and see a doctor first, because it is difficult to comment on your symptoms without examining you and going ahead with further evaluation. If your symptoms are worsening and affecting your day-to-day and social life, you should consider visiting your doctor a thorough evaluation. Treatment as appropriate which is based on examination findings and investigation results would be taken to help you control the symptoms. So you should be in regular monitoring and follow-up with your treating doctor and report any symptoms immediately. Or it will make your situation more and more serious.

  • PRK, the so called photorefractive keratectomy, is a surgery for eyes to eliminate the need of eyeglasses or contacts. It is a precise surgery that can change corneal curvature by scraping the surface layer of the cornea away. So, there must have some risks. 1. Infection. Following ophthalmologist’s recommendation, apply eye drops to avoid infection. 2. Dry eye. Artificial tears can solve the problem. 3. Pain. Pain is one of the most common complains of patients after PRK surgery. For a period of time, it will dissipate. 4. Regression. After PRK, your eyes also might bounce back towards your original prescription. Otherwise, there are other risks, like night glare, corneal problems, refractive… however, the potential of side effect is quite low. In my intention, the best way to avoid surgical risks is to leave it and do not have the surgery.