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43041 7 Mile Rd
Northville, MI 48167

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  • I am afraid may be you have got a squint. It is related to refractive error. I recommend you to go to see your doctor as soon as possible and do what your doctor tell you. For that heavy squint needs to be cured by operation. But you may just got a moderate squint as you described. So don't worry. May be you can cure it by relax your eyes. There are three ways maybe you can have a try. First, looking far into the distance. Second, with your right eye shield by one hand , you can use the left one to look into your left ear direction. One second later, you can use your right eye to look into your left eye direction. The last one but not the least, you can do eye exercises every day.

  • If the amount of the plaster splashed into your eyes is only a little, you can just solve it on your own, such as washing your eyes with much water to make those plaster out of your eyes. But if there are a lot plaster, and you feel pain, you'd better see an emergency physician before it become worse, because Plaster is a highly alkaline substance, which would cause your eyes at significant risk.

  • Yes, it is possible for you to get sore eyes because of anemia. Anemia refers to the whole body blood circulation in the total amount of red blood cells which reduce to the normal but due to the whole body blood circulation in the determination of the total amount of red blood cell technology is more complex. Thus clinical generally refers to that the blood hemoglobin concentration is lower than patients with gender and age group with the same area of the normal standard. Anemia refers to the human peripheral blood in unit volume of hemoglobin concentration red blood cell count and hematocrit below the normal low limit. The hemoglobin concentration is more important. The anemia to body harm is great. The anemia patients often have heart not normal dizziness problems. The weakness, shortness of breath and palpitation are also the main symptoms. Your eyes will be dry. You will easily get the sore eyes. You should use some eyes drops to release the symptom. In addition, the warm compress is also useful.

  • Anti-glare is a kind of optical coating that is applied to the surface of lenses of glasses to minimize reflection.This optical coating is made of various layers of metal oxide films that are coated on the lens surface. Having an anti glare coating on the lenses of an eyewear is a smart and sensible choice. Anti glare coating on glasses is beneficial for us. They can help us to improve our vision, enhances durability of eyewear, and provide good cosmetic appearance and so on.

  • Well, generally speaking, we can not say the actually time for the bruised eyes to be healed, for it all depends on how serious your eyes have been hurt. But in common, you can try some ways to heal your bruised eyes and make your eyes recover faster. For example, you should try some ways to assist the blood to flow easier in the area that has been bruised. Of course, ice or cold compresses can be effective, because it can help to reduce the swelling or inflammation in the area. In that way, the blood will flow and the vessels that were damaged will begin to heal. Besides, you should know that an iron deficiency can be a reason of slow healed bruised eyes too.

  • There are many reasons for your recent condition. This condition can mean that your eyes are suffering from strain because that you have spent too much time in front of a computer. Reading books or newspaper usually will not pose the problem. So you should have your eyes rested by shortening the time used before the computer or looking elsewhere for several seconds every 30 minutes when you are working in front of it. If your age is 40 or so, you should have your eyes tested to find whether you get presbyopia or astigmatism. People of this age tend to have problem like that, for their crystalline lenses have deteriorated in flexibility.

  • Yes, it is possible for you to get optic neuritis because of too much alcohol consumption. The alcohol's stimulation will cause the damages of the eyes nerves. Optic neuritis means the optic nerve inflammatory demyelinating infection nonspecific inflammation disease. It is caused by the pathological changes of different parts of the damage which can be divided into the ball inside. The optic neuritis is mostly for the unilateral which depends on the nipple inflammation in children. It depends on the nipple inflammation and the ball in the back of the plane after the ball optic neuritis. The ball after optic neuritis is more common in young and middle-aged people. Drinking too much alcohol will cause the optic nerve inflammation or optic disk inflammation. It refers to any part of the optic nerve inflammation of the lining. You need to drink some water and have the good rest. If you feel some pain at the eyes, you are suggested to go to hospital to have the clear full check soon because the eyes are very important to the whole body.

  • The number of people with serious vision problems-uncorrectable vision impairment is goring as we live longer. One in six Americans age 45 or older reports some form of vision impairment, even when wearing glasses or contact lenses. In addition, the prevalence of vision loss increase with age. By age 75, one in four people reports some form of vision impairment. It is inconvenient for them to reading or do other daily activities. So it is necessary or a person to get his eyes corrected.

  • There are so many sunglasses for you to choose. They are very cheap. Besides, they can block harmful UV rays for your eyes. I strongly suggest you to have a look at and the original cost of these sunglasses are $49 but now they are $29. It seems to be a better deal to place an order online when there are some discounts.

  • When you wear acrylic nails, you should avoid using the traditional ways of removing contact lenses. Now I will give you the following suggestion: First, you should look straight ahead and then use your index finger and your middle finger to fix upper and lower eyelids near the middle finger. Second, you should expose your brown eyeballs, and move your elbow. Third, you should blink your eyes and gently use your finger pulp to remove the contact lenses. In addition, when you not doing well and damage the contact lenses, it is better for you not to rub your eyes rudely or pull them energetically. The right thing you should do is to wash your eyes with salt water and go to a hospital to check your eyes carefully.