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Category: Optical Stores, Eye Doctor

2070 Burnsville Ctr # 72
Burnsville, MN 55306-4438

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  • Normally you won't feel the existence of you contacts lenses, so if you constantly feel something in your eyes when you wearing contacts, it may indicate that your contacts lenses are not fit in your eyes or simply because of poor quality. You'd better go have an examination in hospital. Of course, there are many other reasons can lead this problem. If you don't put your contacts lenses well, they will irritate your eyes, no wonder you feel something foreign in your eyes. So make sure you wear your contacts lenses in a right way. Besides, air conditioning may also affect your contacts lenses, your lenses may dry so you will feel uncomfortable. You need eye drops to wet you contacts lenses. If you stare at TV or computer for too long, it will also makes you lenses dry, you'd better not stress your eyes for too long.

  • In my point of view, I don't think eating some healthy food can improve your eyesight. But taking some eye supplement can be good for eye health. If you insist take them daily and take good care of your eyes, it may help you improve vision. In fact, food contain Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Lutein and Zinc are good for eye health. Also, i heard that drink honey everyday can help improve eyesight.

  • The best way to lessen dark circles under your eyes is to get plenty of sleep, drink plenty of water. Eat a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Cut back on salt and sugar. Antihistamine eye drops and nasal sprays can also help when used together - but it is extremely important to get rest and drink plenty of water.

  • Well, yes, it is normal to have blurry vision if you look at ipad screen for a long time. Generally speaking, when you look at ipad screen for a long time, it will just make your eyes focus on the small point. In a long time, it will just make your eyes have high eye pressure. In that way, your eyes will be stressed, leading to eye strain. And then, it can put stress on the eye muscles and the facial and scalp muscles, causing pain and headache, even red eyes, and blurred vision. So you should not look at the small screen for a long time, and it can be harmful for your eyes.

  • If you want to take good care of your sunglasses, to know how to clean them is very important. When you clean them, you can flush them with warm water firstly. Then dry them by assorted eyeglass cloth or soft dry microfiber cloths. Be careful not to wipe lenses with your clothes. If your sunglasses are very dirty, you can wash them with a little eyeglass cleaner. It is also important that not to touch the lenses by your hands. When you don't wear them, you'd better keep them in their box and don't leave them lying on the table.

  • I bought a pair of glass sunglasses last week. The lenses are made by glass. The salesman told me that the color in glass lenses will last forever. And they are also scratch resistance. This kind of lenses can provide clearer vision and better filtration. Glass lenses are also more chemical resistant. But glass lenses are heavier than plastic lenses. Besides, if you have high prescription, the lenses will be thinner or thicker in some areas, which will lead to lighter and darker areas across the lenses.

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  • I also heard that the eye color will change. But I don't believe it. Maybe the guys just have some disease so that his or her eye color changes. And I also heard that there are at least two genes control eye color and usually the genes work in complicated ways. Is there any relation with the genes? Maybe there are more genes involved in this process.

  • Obviously the bloodshot eyes are caused by shortage of sleep. You just need take a nap and wash your eyes with cold water to make them fresh. Also there are eye drops for red eyes.