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1254 Riverdale Blvd Nw
Coon Rapids, MN 55433

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My experience started 3 years ago when I was diagnosed with thyroid eye disease which causes fatty deposits to form behind the eyes and around the small muscles of the eyes which causes the eyes to bulge and also causes double vision. The disease has to run a course constantly changing ones vision and requiring multiple prescription changes of expensive lenses with prisms. I was told by my doctors at the UofM that the lenses alone would be about $800. That brought me to Costco Optical and Todd the Manager. When I first met Todd and asked him what glasses would be at Costco with prisms, he replied, "We don't charge extra for prisms." And when I asked him about the multiple glasses I would need over the next few years, he replied, "As long as your prescription changes within 6 months we replace them for free?" Needless to say I almost cried.
Over the next three years, Todd held up his end of the bargain, replacing my glasses each time it was needed. He even replaced a set of lenses that the eye doctor made a mistake on the prescription. Yes, I did have to buy a few pair of glasses over this time period, but instead of $800 for the lenses alone they were around $250 for the complete glasses and instead of buying about 6 pairs of glasses, I purchased 3. Not only did Todd work with me through this whole time, he did it with a smile. Who can ask for anything more than that.

02/02/2012 BY Jill

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  • I know there are many heard shaped sunglasses sold in the market but I am not sure if the prescription lens can also be heart shaped. Maybe you can go to your nearby store and have a ask.

  • It depends on the level of your recovery. As you have taken the surgery for just one week, it is not suggested to drive. The recover period of mild and moderate laser surgery is two weeks. For people suffering severe level myopia, recover period is about one month. Only after recover period, people are OK to most things which require good vision, such as driving. Since you are still in the period, you would better not go driving now. Even when you are out of the period, there are several notices you should pay attention to. Do not smoke or be too tired while driving. Open the window or turn on air conditioner to make sure the air is fresh. Use mild dipped highlight instead of high beam as the high beam is too dazzling.

  • Sometimes burst blood vessel in eyes means you got an eye disease. Under such circumstances you should see the doctor. While if you are just got it because of lacking of sleep, What you need is to have a good rest. and you‘d better arrange your time to avoid being too tired the next time.

  • There are home remedies for cataract. The primary remedy is eating carrots which are the most valuable part of cataract diet. One can eat carrots every day or have carrot juice twice a day. There is research showing that putting the extract of pumpkin flowers on the eyelids for fifteen minutes twice every day is effective. Garlic can cleanse the crystalline lens of the eyes, so more garlic should be taken on daily basis. Aniseed is also an important home remedies and should be included in the diet. Pressing your eyes gently will work. This should be done at least four times a day and 20-30 seconds a time. Try yoga, for it is said to be helpful.

  • Eyeliner is a part of the makeup. It will make our eyes more noticeable. Makeup will make us look more beautiful. So does the eyeliner. I haven't heard any side effect of the eyeliner if you are not allergic to makeup and choose a qualified product. But if you are a new starter, you should be careful not to get the eyeliner into your eyes.

  • Well, it is really important to choose the right frame for each face shape. In your description, you have the square face. For square faces the goal is not to find hard angular lines that will accentuate your strong features, but to soften them with oval or round frames. So I think you can just wear the sunglasses which have the oval or round frames. Besides, except for the frames, you should pay more attention to the color of the sunglasses too. Anyway, just go to the store, there are professional persons who can give you perfect advices depending on your own condition and your needs.

  • Sometimes you can find some cheap sunglasses in summer. Have you heard about that lower the price can make a bigger profit? So sometimes the stores just use this way to broadcast their products as well as make bigger profit. But as to any physical shops, they won't sell products at lower price in best season. They will sell products at lower price in off season. So if you want to buy a pair of sunglasses online, you'd better place an order when there is some activity or celebrations hold by online stores. If you want to purchase them in any physical shops, I suggest you to buy them in off season. Though you can't wear them at that time, but you can wear them in the next summer and this can save your money.

  • Wow, I gotta say, your taste is good, Woody Allen has been famous throughout the world for several decades. So, his kind of glasses suit aged people, and you can buy them over the Internet, for there are plenty of types to choose from, better yet, in case that you cannot find them, go to glasses shops yourself. Amazon and Ebay may be good options, so go and check out if you can find them.Good luck!

  • Wearing glasses won't make you look nerd. But are you sure you worn reading glasses? reading glasses are usually mean eyeglasses made for people with presbyopia. And presbyopia often occurs to people over 40 years. Besides, eyeglasses now become diverse that there are cute and nice glasses. So, you can choose the best looking glasses that match your outfit and ages.