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13020 Riverdale Dr Nw
Coon Rapids, MN 55448-1057

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General Impression:

Worst customer service in the business, they treated me poorly both when I ordered my glasses and when I took them back due to a mistake they made on my left lens.

03/29/2012 BY Dave Petersen

General Impression:

I absolutely agree with the previous ex-customer!! I work for Walmart and thought I would take advantage of the 10% discount for associates so I visited the Coon Rapids store. Even this didn't help when it came to customer service. I had visited the store last February and spent $150.00 on what I thought would be a cheap eye exam for contacts. The doctor was very kind and her exam very thorough but because I was getting bifocal contacts it required trying 2 different lens between March and May. Due to money issues I finally was able to place an order this week so when I stopped in and was told that my prescription had expired and that if I wanted to place an order I would have to spend another $150.00 so I could get a valid prescription I was totally shocked!! The receptionist told me that I had received 8 lens (not true, she had ordered 2) and she said that it usually is 2 years for contact lens prescription but the doctor has written one year on my file because of ocular health issues. I have never had any problems with my eyes and have worn contacts for 30 years!! Minnesota law states that contact lens prescriptions are valid for 2 years unless the doctor tells you otherwise. I was never told this because obviously I would have been in to get my prescription and fill it. So this receptionist tells me on the phone when I call that it's just too bad and when I tell her what a rip off that is she hung up on me!!! Dr.Nordin, please get yourself some better help!! You are an excellent doctor and I was so pleased with the exam you gave me but when I was NOT TOLD that this PRESCRIPTION EXPIRED IN ONE YEAR and then NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO PLACE AN ORDER AT ALL I think this is so wrong on all levels!! I have never had problems ordering contacts before and this whole situation is truly pathetic.

03/18/2011 BY Andrea S

General Impression:

I will say that the Dr. was nice but needs to hire some new help to work her front desk, and answer her phones, maybe people with some manners, they are hurting your business.....Absolute WORST customer service I have EVER encountered, doesn't matter how long you have been a patient with them they don't care about you and will not go out of their way to help you at all. But they will go out of their way to make it impossible for you to go somewhere else when you have become dissatisfied. The associates need a lesson in customer service, I cannot believe the way I have been treated. I will never even step foot in the store again!

03/07/2011 BY

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