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    1.Eye Time Optical

    6545 France Ave S Ste 105
    Edina, MN

    Eye Time Optical is a 5-star Optical Store1 Reviews

    This is an outstanding business that I've frequented for many years. My eye glasses and prescriptions may have changed over the years but the professionalism and outstanding, competent service provided by this group has remained consistent. I highly recommend them....
  • 2.Vision World

    1030 Southdale Ctr Ste 203
    Edina, MN 55435-7050

    Vision World is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 3.South Dale Optical

    6533 Drew Ave S
    Edina, MN 55435-2169

    South Dale Optical is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 4.InVision Distinctive Eyewear

    3340 Galleria
    Edina,MN 55435

    InVision Distinctive Eyewear is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 5.E J's Sunglasses

    4504 Valley View Rd
    Edina, MN 55424

    E J's Sunglasses is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 6.Fith Avenue Eye Clinic

    3625 Galleria
    Edina, MN

    Fith Avenue Eye Clinic is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 7.Jonathan Pederson

    6545 France Ave S Swt
    Edina, MN 55435-2120

    Jonathan Pederson is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 8.Pearle Vision

    3333 Hazelton Rd
    Edina, MN 55435-4204

    Pearle Vision is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 9.Visionary Optical

    1090 Southdale Ctr
    Edina, MN 55435-7050

    Visionary Optical is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 10.Pearle Vision

    5404 Park Pl
    Edina, MN 55424-1600

    Pearle Vision is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

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  • Eye Time Optical

    Eye Time Optical is 5-star1 Reviews

    This is an outstanding business that I've frequented for many years. My eye glasses and prescriptions may have changed over the years but the professionalism and outstanding, competent service provided by this group has remained consistent. I highly recommend them.

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  • Low vision is a vision impairment, which are not correctable by eyeglasses, contact lenses, surgery or medicine. It interferes with the people's ability to perform every activities. It can result from a variety of diseases, disorders, and injuries that affect the eye. Many people with low vision have age-related macular degeneration, cataract, glaucoma, or diabetic retinopathy. Age-related macular degeneration accounts for almost 45 percent of all cases of low vision.

  • Good sunglasses will not lead to headaches. But a pair of sunglasses with poor quality may definitely lead to headaches because they can't do anything to protect our eyes. It is just like we expose our bare eyes under the sunshine. And we know this will definitely lead to headaches. But if your sunglasses are of good quality, then you'd better see a doctor immediately. There are many possible reasons for headaches. The doctor can find where the problems lie in.

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  • can we get asian eyes without make up

  • You should try your best to help her understand why she needs to wear glasses and compliment her by saying "you look really great in glasses" or something other. Toddlers often may wear the glasses only when they are in a good mood and reject them when they are not. Getting a good frame fit by an optician and letting her choose her favorite frame is also of great importance.

  • I guess you may have poor eye health. Nutrients and vitamin deficiency may lead to vision problems. You can pay attention to your menu and add some foods that are rich in nutrients and vitamins into it. I suggest you to eat more fish or green leafy vegetables. Fruits are rich in vitamins. You can eat them daily.

  • Yes, it is true. Vitamin A is also called retinol (its aldehyde derivatives retinal) or resistance to xerophthalmia factor. It has great help for the health of eyes. The vitamin A can help get rid of the dark circles under the eyes which is caused by the lack of sleep, stay up too late or not good blood circulation. The vitamin A can also improve eyesight and prevent nyctalopia. In addition, it can promote bone growth, promote the growth of skin and mucosa and make the skin wet hair. It can maintain epithelial tissue cell's health and promote the synthesis of immunoglobulin. What's the most important facto of it is to prevent nyctalopia, and eyesight decline. It is the treatment of various eye diseases, making the good eyes attractive. Thus, vitamin A is vital to eyes.

  • I haven't bought the eyeglasses at Sears. However the average price of the eyeglasses at Walmart is $30. And I think the price at Sears will be similar as those at Walmart. You'd better call the store of Sears and consult the price by yourself. Then you go decide whether you will go to buy the eyeglasses there.

  • What is the most important thing, in my opinion, it is to know what peripheral vision loss is. It is the loss of your ability to see things to the side or up and down from your central vision. To some extent, it is called tunnel vision. There are a variety of reasons that can lead to peripheral vision loss. Firstly, the most common reason that leads to peripheral vision loss is optic nerve damage from glaucoma because it blocks normal blood flow to the eye's internal structures. Secondly, Retinal detachment will also cause peripheral vision loss. If retina detaches, it is lifted or pulled from its normal position peripheral vision loss may result. Thirdly, stroke can lead to peripheral vision loss. To be honest, there is no good way to cure peripheral vision loss. There is a type of lens known as a prism sometimes can be added to your eyeglasses prescription to expand your field of view.

  • Yes, it is possible for you o get vision problems during your early pregnancy. The early pregnancy will cause your eyes pressure get high. Your eyes may early get dry. You may have the blurred vision because of the dryness of the eyes. You'd better intake more food with vitamin C to moisture your eyes.