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Blaine Eye Clinic

Blaine Eye Clinic

(763) 757-7000

Category: Eye Doctor

12170 Aberdeen St NE
Minneapolis,MN 55449

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12170 Aberdeen St NE Minneapolis,MN 55449

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  • About Blaine Eye Clinic


See the world more clearly with the help of the eye care experts at Blaine Eye Clinic. We have been providing our patients in the Blaine area with exceptional eye care services, and our dedicated and caring staff will work with you to ensure that you receive the level of treatment you and your eyes deserve.

We have the expertise and resources necessary to provide exceptional eye care, ensuring that you leave our office with the clearest vision possible. The services we provide include: Comprehensive Eye Exam, Pediatric Eye Exam, Treatment of Ocular Disease, Emergency Eye Care, Advanced Diagnostic Procedures, Cataract Services, Glaucoma Services, Red Eye Services, Ocular Allergy Services, Dry Eye Services, Diabetic Eye Care, Macular Degeneration Services, LASIK Consultations, Contact Lens Fitting, Home Vision Therapy, Contact Lenses, Eyewear, and Sunwear.


Established in 1979

Dr. Lynn A. Sulerud started Blaine Eye Clinic in 1979 in the Pioneer Village Mall.  Dr. Georgiann Jensen joined the practice in 1991, then later became a shareholder in 1994.  Blaine Eye Clinic then moved to a new office at the Raintree Professional Center in December of 1996.  Dr. Ryan Fedor joined the practice in the spring of 2007.  In 2008 the Blaine Eye Clinic moved to a newly remodeled building to better serve their patients.  Shortly thereafter Dr. Breann Forliti, daughter of Dr. Sulerud joined the practice.  Visit our website for full doctor bios.

Meet the Business Owner: Lynn S.

Dr. Lynn A. Sulerud grew up in northwestern Minnesota and studied pre-optometry at Concordia College in Moorhead. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon where he also earned his Doctorate of Optometry. After receiving his degree, Dr. Sulerud completed extended training in the treatment and management of eye disease from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry.

Dr. Sulerud started his optometric career as an associate in a private practice in Cambridge, Minnesota with the ultimate goal of owning his own practice. He was the founder of the Blaine Eye Clinic, which he started in the Pioneer Village Mall in 1979.

Dr. Sulerud's priority is educating his patients about their eyes, giving them the tools to make "informed decisions" about their eye care and eye wear. His specialty is problem solving, and he strives to help individuals with difficult situations concerning their visual needs.

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