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  • It's easy. A pair of prescription swim goggle can solve your vision problem. What you shall to do is have a eye exam and get your prescription. Then use it to buy prescription swim goggle that both for eye protection and vision aids.

  • Go and try some mild eye drops, I am sure that will help. I know that glassy eyes can confuse you a lot but I think you had better find the real reasons that make your eyes so glassy. An eye infection? Some kind of eye disease? Whatever, only by finding the real reasons can you solve your problems. How about taking an eye exam? I am sure that will do you a favor.

  • The term eye strain is frequently used by people to describe a group of symptoms which are related to use of the eyes. First, you must make sense that eye strain is just a symptom, not a eye diseases. That is, many eye problems accompany eye strain, such as dry eye, eye infections, bleparitis. So droopy eyelid cannot result from eye strain. It is most commonly due to blepharitis and photphobia. On the contrary, droop eyelid has a great rate of leading to eye strain.

  • computer eyeglasses can help relieve CVS, because they are specifically designed for the distance from your eyes to the computer screen. Wearing computer glasses can reduce the eye strain during computer use. Some computer glasses can also prevent the radiation if you have an anti-radiation coating on the lenses.

  • Here are a few ideas to help parents get their children to wear their glasses.Start your child off by having him or her wear their glasses for short periods of time during enjoyable activities. Hopefully, the child will be having so much fun that they will forget about the glasses. For example, use the glasses as part of reward times such as when your child is watching their favorite video.Choose a time when the child is rested and in a good mood to start them wearing their glasses.If the child takes their glasses off, be sure you put them back on in a firm, but loving manner. If a child learns that he or she has control over wearing their glasses, parents may lose the battle. You do not want taking off the glasses to be an attention-getting tool.Check the fit of the glasses. As the child grows, the glasses may become tight or uncomfortable. Glasses that are poorly fitted can easily slip and slide down and they become useless to the child.Pick activities where the glasses will make the biggest difference in your child%u2019s ability to see.Be positive. The attitude of parents and grandparents can influence a child more than most people think. Make glasses "cool" for your child to be weaning and point out pictures of other people, sports stars, or entertainers who are wear glasses. For very young children, "being just like Mommy or Nana" may be what counts.Compliment your child for remembering to wear their glasses and do not go "ballistic" when they take them off. Offer firm, but loving praise Give your child some say in selecting the frame. Select three or four different frames that are acceptable to you and then let the child pick the one they like best.Make the glasses a part of the child%u2019s daily routine. Put them on in the morning as the child is getting dressed and remove them before tap and bedtime. Let teachers know the child's prescribed wearing schedule so the youngster cannot talk them into letting him or her remove their glasses when they should be worn.

  • Regarding to your question, there are lots of causes of swollen eyelid. Some causes are mild but some are potentially sight-threatening conditions. When it comes to mild conditions, they are gland blockage, allergies and contact lenses or solutions. However, when you meet the following severe conditions, you are required a immediate medical attention. They are infections,conjunctivitis,orbital celluliti,blepharitis,styes, chalazion and so on. All in all, when your swollen eyelid are cause by bacterial infection or eye disorder, you need to go to see your eye doctor as soon as you can.

  • You should close the case absolutely. There are some points you need to note when you use contact lenses. First of all, you might be excited to get your new pair of contact lenses, but you can't take them out from the package and wear them directly. Because the contact lenses are stored in saline solution, which might be irritate to eyes. You should put them in care solution for at least 5 hours before wearing them. You need to wash contact lenses thoroughly with care solution each time before and after wearing them. Rub the lenses tenderly with finger tips to help de-proteinization. After wearing, you should store them in cases with care solution, keeping the case 70% full of care solution. If you happen to stop wearing them, you need to replace the solution each week to ensure the anticepticise function still works. Without solution change in time, a lot of bacteria would stem in the case and contaminate the lenses. Be careful with your hygiene habit of wearing contact lenses to avoid infections.

  • Actually, 500 power lenses will not make your eyes look small.

  • How to get rid of pupils without medics

  • Coach sunglasses average price may be $300 for normal products.They are all good quality stuff,and the style of coach sunglasses are suitable for mature women.So make sure, your girlfriend's character can be lighten by the sunglasses you choose. My suggestion is that you can have a look at the shopping mall,then you can choose a more suitable one than you thought.Don't be trapped by the brand. Wish your girlfriend will like it.