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Edina Eye Physicians and Surgeons PA

Edina Eye Physicians and Surgeons PA

(952) 445-5760

Category: Eye Doctor

4201 Dean Lakes Blvd # 100,
Shakopee, MN 55379

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  • If you feel pain at the eyes because of the great stress, you could so the eye healthy exercise to relax them. In addition, you look far through the window at the tall building to relax your eyeballs. You could also use the eye drops to release your symptom. Another way is to do the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable.

  • Why do you stick to get free sunglasses from their store?They may do a better job in contacts,but not in sunglasses.You can search free sunglasses on Google and you will find many stores are giving away free sunglasses.

  • Glasses make people look smarter, right? Well, most likely they are going for that geeky look. You can also buy glasses without lenses that are just glass that anyone (who doesn't really need glasses) can use.

  • Yes. Ereaders can be bad for the eyes. No matter for kids or adult, too much read at ereaders can damages eyes. If you read for a long period of time on ereaders, you may suffer from sore eyes, tired eyes as well as dry eyes etc. If your eyes always stay such condition, it is likely cause vision problems such as myopia, presbyopia as well as astigmatism etc.

  • Dear friend, eye doctors might do this to any patients. The dilation of the pupils can help the doctor to diagnose potential diseases or infections when he is checking our eyes in this way. I just have my eyesight checked yesterday. But how often the doctor dilates our eyes may depend on the doctor.

  • As we all know that smoking is bad for smokers and the person around him/her, it not only can cause the damage of lung and heart, but also the eyes. It can cause cataracts and macular degeneration. Tell your father stop smoking if you fell eyes sting because it could be caused by cigarette smoke.

  • Well, generally speaking, it is very normal to have this kind of experience. And as we know that there may always be a difference in clarity between glasses and contacts. Usually, because contacts are placed directly on the eye, and in that way, the depth perception is improved. So it is very common to have a different power number between glasses and contacts. And for the contacts, you should clean the contact lenses carefully with resolution.

  • In some cases it is possible to cause corneal edema from dry eyes, especially in the case of dehydration. Dry eyes refers to the insufficient secretion of eye tears or the maldistribution of tears or the excessive evaporation of tears, which usually happens on the cornea and makes it unable for the tears to keep the wettability of the surface of the eyeballs. In general cases, corneal edema is caused by dehydration, bacteria infection, surgery injuries, high eye pressure, and so on. The dry eyes can affect the eyes in many ways. For example, the eyes will feel very dry and fatigue, itchy and foreigh body sensation, eyes burning, the eyelid tight and heavy, eye photophoby, temporary blurred vision, and so on. Sometimes the eyes are so dry that the basic tears are inadequate and on the contrary to stimulate the eyes to secrete tears, which usually leads to frequent tears. When the condition is very serious, the eyes will become red, get congestion and cornification, which will damage the vision. To prevent the dry eyes, people should pay attention to ensure adequate rest and sleep, the eye hygiene, and eat some more vegetables and fruits.

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