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Maqbool Ahmad MD

Category: Eye Doctor

1207 N One Mile Rd
Dexter, MO 63841

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  • Absolutely, you babies can not stand too many camera flash light as its dazzling light in lower light and the infrared light emitting from flashes. Both of them do harm to the child development. However, in some degrees, it not differs from normal daylight significantly in fact, though the flash seems very bright. Besides, our infants have more protection from a flash due to their typical smaller pupils shielding their eyes from the harmful lights. I mean, less light can reach their retinas. Further, as they are not greatly interested in taking photos so that they do not always look at the camera directly. In conclusion, a few flash light is acceptable.

  • Wash your glasses often with mild soap and water. Dry with a soft cotton towel. Always wet lenses when cleaning. Avoid getting chemicals such as hair spray or cologne on lenses.
    Never use paper products, no tissues, paper towels, or napkins when cleaning.
    Microfiber cleaning cloths are excellent and washable.
    Don't lay glasses face down.always keep them in a case when not in use.Don't leave them in the sun. It can damage lens coatings and frames.

  • Well, generally speaking, sharing drink with someone else, it can not spread pink eyes. As we know that pink eyes is an infection of the eye or eyes which can lead to redness, itching, irritation, and a characteristic creamy discharge in your eyes. Also, pink eyes can be contagious. So you should not be sharing an object, such as a washcloth or towel, with a person who has pinkeye can spread the infection. In other words, by sharing washcloth, they can carry many bacteria, so that it can lead to infection to your eyes, even the pink eyes, for our eyes are very sensitive to the infection. so just be careful about it.

  • How cheak glassis

  • Botox will not result in dark circles under eyes. Botox can treat wrinkle in or between bows, crow's feet and forehead. Puffiness is a significant effect, which will dissipate in several weeks or months depending on individual situation. The reasons of dark circles under eyes are: 1. Pigment deposits. 2. Blood circulation under eyes. 3. Improper sleep. So, you need to do appropriate exercise, improve blood circulation and adjust rest time and working time. Have more fresh fruit and vegs.

  • Depends if you are buying them online or at the opticians. If it's the Opticians then you won't get a great lens for under $200 but the Varilux Comfort would be my choice as it's one of the easiest lenses to adapt to.If you are buying them online from this website (online glasses direct) then I note that they sell the Zeiss GT2 which a great lens and a fantastic online price $220 as they are normally around $350 in the high street. If you really need to go under $200 then go for the Hoya Summit Pro (trueform), it is a superb lens and I've never heard of anyone having problems with it. The Summit pro trueform is an extremely underated lens in my opinion and we get great feedback from the patients who wear thses in the opticians I work at.

  • Doing eye exercise is good for your eyes. They can help relieve eye fatigue. They can help protect your eyes. But you also need to adapt other ways to maintain the health of your eyes as well. You can choose other ways to improve your vision which may include lasik eye surgery or a pair of prescription glasses. I can only give you some suggestions about how to protect your eyes and prevent your eyesight from decreasing dramatically. You can wear a pair of computer glasses to help block reflections and glare from computer screens. You can keep a healthy diet to supplement your eyes and body with enough nutrients and vitamins. You can seek some herbal remedies to help maintain the health of your eyes. Good luck!

  • how to change dark brown eyes to another color wiithout contacts

  • It is normal that eyelashes drop occasionally. That sometimes you have eyelashes in your eyes is also not a big issue. But you must get the eyelashes out immediately to avoid irritation. When you have eyelash in your eyes, you can try several ways to get it out. Close your eyes tightly, and pinch and squeeze all of the eyelashes outward to seize the lash and then pull it out. You can ask your friend or one of family members to blow the lash out. Keeping your eyes winking hard can pop the lash out. However, you should caution that the lash will not slip deeper when you try this way. If the eyelash dropping is severe, you may experience eyelashes loss problem which is due to deficiency in nutrition. If you have the habit of rubbing eyes, then quit it.

  • Aviator glasses will never go out of fashion, accompanied by new materials and designs. Larger and bolder frames are designed to offer particular tastes, while small glasses are still around for small faces. Lightweight and comfortable plastic frames are always popular among men who desire a younger, hip or retro look.