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  • Suntan is a cosmetic, which contains many chemicals. However, suntan is rarely bad for eyes if some suntan enter eyes. The best thing you can do is flush them out with clean water and blink eyes to get rid of them. The distinctive dissolving enzyme can remove something foreign matters in eyes quickly. So take it easy. If you feel burning and pain in eyes, drop some basic eye drops to alleviate them.

  • Myopia has commonly known as being nearsightedness and shortsightedness. Myopia presents with blurry distance vision, but generally gives good near vision. In high myopia, even near vision is affected as objects must be extremely close to the eyes to see clearly, and patients cannot read without their glasses prescribed for distance. Myopia usually caused by bad reading habits. For instance, you read too much or read under dim light, your eyes are easy to be hurt because you need to concentrate to books and keep much focus in eyes than daytime. If you staring computer screen in a long time, UV lights can hurt the back of your eyes, then the normal lights are not easy to be received. That is, computer screen will produce UV lights, you need to prevent them just like miners must wear special eyeglasses to prevent UV lights. So you should arrange proper time to play computer.

  • The new and innovative combination of the prescription glasses and the sports is one of the most successful changes. Sport lovers would need not to worry about the vision problems during sports with the various prescription sports goggles. As for wearing a pair of protective sports goggles while playing the basketball, the suitable prescription basketball glasses are suggested.

  • Of course not all chanel sunglasses are made in Italy. The brand of chanel is from the Paris, France. However, they have several producing places, such as Italy, China and so on because of the comprehensive consideration of cost in human beings and others. Compared with ray ban sunglasses, the Chanel sunglasses are a little more expensive. But they deserve the price because of the good quality and big brand.

  • You can have a look at Which kind of eyewear fits your hair color? It is said that blue, pink or black glasses looks great with brown hair. Hope this helped too!

  • Though refresh eye drops can help you your dry eyes and encourage your eyes to produce their own tears. There are side effects of the drops. You may suffers temporary burning feeling when you use Refresh eye drops. This is the most common side effect experiences of some consumers. Besides, when you use the eye drops, the liquid coats your eye can cause temporary vision blur.

  • Speaking of vintage eyewear, you can try round glasses, horn rimmed glasses, cat eye glasses. for women, cat eye glasses make women look more attractive. Well horn rimmed glasses are suitable for men and women. When selecting vintage glasses for you, you’d better take some aspects into consideration like your face shape. Although some vintage glasses look amazing, unsuitable vintage glasses will make you look bad. So you should keep trying on these vintage style glasses in order to find the most suitable vintage eyewear.

  • Olive oil and vitamin E is helpful to the growth of your eyelashes. You can buy some painting on your eyelashes by cotton swab and don't put it on your eyelids. But it works after a long time perseverance. Lemon juice can help eyelash to grow, because it is rich in vitamin E.

  • If you often wear contact lenses, you'd better cut your long nails at least of your finger. Or, you may have to prepare a contact lenses remover. You can buy a dmv soft lens handler for inserting lenses if you want to keep your beautiful long nails. That is easy, just put your contact lens on the contact lenses remover and use one hand hold the remover. Then, use your other hand-raise your upper eyelid and pull down upper eyelid. Now, it's time to put contact lens into your eyes with the help of remover gently.