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Perfect Sense Eye Care

Perfect Sense Eye Care (Kansas City, MO 64118)

(816) 455-2020

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211 NE 54th St Ste 202,
Kansas City, MO 64118

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Perfect Sense Eye Care Hours

211 NE 54th St Ste 202, Kansas City, MO 64118

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To 5:00 pm 5:00 pm 5:00 pm 5:00 pm 4:00 pm
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53.00 - 150.00
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  • About Perfect Sense Eye Care

Perfect Sense is a complete eye care practice dedicated to providing our patients with their best vision possible through superior patient service. We have an impressive staff of ophthalmologists, optometrists, and opticians for all of your eye care needs.
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  • Dr. Rachel R. Tischinski - Optometrist
  • Dr. Stephen B. Wiles, MD, FACS - Chief Ophthalmologist, Medical Director
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General Impression:

Dr. Rachel and the staff at Perfect Sense are a great group of people. They took care of my concerns about needed glasses or contacts and helped me see. I'm very happy with my glasses (which I also got at their optical shop). Thank you!

10/01/2014 BY Tyler Anderson

General Impression:

Told by these people I was goong blind unless I bought the vitamins he was selling, Got a second opinion and there was nothing wrong with my eyes, Just a scam to sell his vitamins.

04/14/2012 BY scam artist

Perfect Sense Eye Care reply: Our office recommends vitamin supplements based on the knowledge and training of our highly trained doctors for certain eye diseases and preventative measures. The vitamins are a formula recommended by the National Eye Institutes as a result of a 2011 study called the AREDS2 Study. Our standard practice is to offer people a range of similar products for the patient to consider (which are not available in our office). We apologize if this was not made clear during your visit. It remains the belief of our office that in certain situations preventative nutritional supplementation can be beneficial for eye diseases based on results of the AREDS2 Study.

General Impression:

This a very poorly,double apt.booked facility. I have taken my mother to this facility for a few check ups. Each time we have been there 3 hours each time for a simple check up. Un sure why a check up on the eyes take so long here,my eye doctor takes an hour at best. I strongly encourage any person considering using this facility to reconsider or plan half of your day for a simple eye check up.

01/30/2012 BY very poor business

Perfect Sense Eye Care reply: We sincerely apologize for your wait time. The level of care that we pride ourselves in places a high demand on our services. We always strive to be respectful of the time of each of our patients. We have made significant improvements in our scheduling to help ensure that these types of problems do not occur in the future. Thank you for your comment.

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  • Yes. Too much blue light is harmful to our eyes because they may damage our retinas. And not all polarized sunglasses can prevent the blue light rays from reaching our eye. However, there is a new type of polarized lenses called SunRx polarized melanin lenses which come in brown tints. These lenses will be available in many polarized sunglasses soon, which can block out the harmful blue light.

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  • It depends. If it is a small abrasion, it would heal within hours. For a large abrasion, it may take one to two days. However, if you start to develop pain, discharge or difficulty opening your eyes, you should use an antibiotic eye drops to prevent infection. You should go visit your ophthalmologist to decrese the damage of infection.

  • Not always. If your pink eye is not serious, it may disappear on its own and you don't have to get antibiotics to deal with the pink eye. If it is serious and you need to see a doctor, you nay need antibiotics to help relieve from the symptom of pink eye faster. So that just depends on your own condition. Pink eye is a bacterial infection and highly contagious, so it is better to let them clear up as soon as possible. You can ask your doctor whether you need antibiotics for pink eye.

  • If the lens is the same as that of the rim glasses, then the have the same lifespan. If the wire of the rim glassses fails, you can take them to the nearest optical store to have them restringed and then you can reuse them. So if you get the semi-rimless glasses,you'd better get either the polycarbonate lenses or high-index lenses.

  • You may be suffering from what is termed moderate hypoglycemina, which means low blood sugar. Though blurred vision is a symptom of diabetes, it is not only related to diabetes but also to hypoglycemina. This condition can at times be caused by certain medications that cause an increase in insulin levers or insulin producing tumors. Another condition is called pre-diabetes for those who have insulin resistance. They have low blood sugar on occasion if their high circulating insulin levels are further challenged by a prolonged period of fasting. If blood sugar continues to fall, the nervous system would be influenced, thus the vision would be blurred, dizziness, or you would have headache.

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