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  • The toric lens on your eye is rotating and then make the axis of astigmatism in the toric lens slightly off. So the astigmatism cannot be corrected in the right position. You need to see your doctor and have a check to see if this is the problem.

  • Seeing is complicated. It includes recognizing detail, distinguishing objects from their background (contrast sensitivity), having a full field of view, managing glare, and processing the visual message. Eye diseases may affect each of these differently for different people. To maximize your vision, each problem needs to be addressed for each task you want to do, and this takes time, training, and practice.

  • I will do a comparison of buying prescription glasses at a local optical store and purchasing eyeglasses online. While buying glasses online has certain advantages as: Lowest price, You can order from your home comfort.Speed with which you place your order, glasses are just a click away.You don't have the help of an optician to guide you step by step, so you have to take decisions alone.Online shopping is taking off in the past few years. More and more companies choose this way for promoting and selling their products. The same happens with glasses and the related products. So these days you can buy almost any eyeglasses online.

  • Yes,it is right.Ur eyes will not be able to focus after lasik for the first few weeks.That is because when u have done this surgery,ur eyes will get some kind of eye inflammation to some extent.But don't worry too much,in most cases,this eye inflammation can be very mild so that it won't hurt ur eyes anyway.But u still need to be very careful in the first few weeks.

  • In my opinion, it cannot lead to pink eye. And it is very normal to have this kind of disease. Of course, when it occurs, some symptoms can occur. For example, people with this disease will have retinopathy, cataracts, and glaucoma. Also, it can lead to floaters in your eyes and that will make you feel annoying. Besides, according to some experts, it can lead to weaker blood vessels and have a high potential for problems later. But it cannot lead to pink eyes which are often caused by eye irritation.

  • Best sunglasses with affordable prices? I think there are many fake sunglasses and many good sunglasses. But most of us don't know how to choose a pair of sunglasses. We will believe what the salesman told us. But actually some salesman lies to us. So we have to know some basic knowledge about sunglasses and then ask the salesman to prove us that their products are of good quality. Some big eyeglasses stores can test the lenses of the sunglasses to see whether they can block UV rays or not. The polarized sunglasses will turn black when we move them from upside down in front of the brightly lit TV screen.

  • Well, from what you said, I know you are concerned about your eye health. Good news anyway. From what I know, what you called pranayama has something to do with yoga, which could relax your eyes and give them good chance to relieve from stress. Anyway, take that exercise each day after work would make your eyes healthy. But you should also pay attention to what you eat and vitamin intake, and your rest as well.

  • Apple cider vinegar is really one very healthy and helpful beverage, it's full of vitamin and tartaric acid, which can restrain tired, improve one's beauty, prevent colds, etc. For eyesight, I mean if you insist on drinking it, then it well help you to some extent, but it does not improve your eyesight directly. If you really want to improve your eyesight, you should eat more carrots and drink more green tea. By the way, massage eyes every time you can when they are tired.

  • Macular degeneration is an age-related serious eye problem. Macula is a small part of the retina yet it is the light sensitive tissue which is responsible for the central vision. Macula is very sensitive to details, so it gives person the ability to read small prints or thread a needle. Macular degeneration is the deterioration of macula. Most cases of macular degeneration are age-related condition, so it is the leading cause of vision loss for people over 55. It might develop symptoms of vision blurred, dark area or distored in central vision or central vision loss for good. Because the reading glasses can help people have clear up close vision, your doctor introduce you to use the reading glasses to help your vision. Yet it is not a cure to macular degeneration. If you smoke, then quit it at once to slow down the development of retinal disease. It also applies to cataract, glaucoma, eye dryness and diabetes retinopathy. Patients are encouraged to use the peripheral vision which will not be impacted by macular degeneration. Have a diet rich in antioxidants can be helpful too.