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Pearle Vision Center

(406) 727-9160

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523 9th St S
Great Falls,MT 59405

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  • Some eye disorders can be easily caused by mono because of its viral infection. Many types of eye diseases are related to bactaeria and virtus. Conjunctivitis, blepharitis and allergies eyes are all possible to be caused by mono. Additionally, dry eye, eye pain, redness in eye, fatigue, sore throat, fever are all symptoms of it.

  • There are some good exercises you can take to treat your lazy eyes. But you should take notice of your daily life first. You'd better not watch TV or play computer games more than one hour every day. Besides, you can try to do some useful exercises. For example, cover your normal eye with your hand, then look at things in the distance carefully. Through hard training and persistent efforts your lazy eyes can be getting better.

  • Sometimes, they wear sunglasses in order to cover eye bags, black circles or red eyes after crying. However, for some people, they think wearing sunglasses is very cool.

  • Lymph nodes are components of lymphatic system, which is a part of immune system. Usually swollen lymph nodes indicate some infection. Lymph nodes are located in many parts of human body, many of which are in neck, armpit and groin. Usually they are small, bean-shaped and soft nodules tissue. Many conditions might cause lymph nodes enlarged, infections, inflammations, virus, cancer and cancer of blood. Infections will increase the white blood cells as response to the allergen. White blood cells could help fight infections. Don't be scared to see any word of cancer. Normally speaking, lymph nodes are not a big deal. I once got these nodes behind my ear. I was scared. When I visited my doctor, he told me it was not a big deal. He even didn't prescribe any medicine to me. Small infection caused lymph nodes enlarged. When infections are gone, these swellings are gone with them. So don't worry too much about your once eye infection.

  • It depends on the lens power and the larger your spec frame, the thicker your corrective lens will be. Happily we can now use a range of high refractive index lens materials and smarter optical design to significantly reduce the thickness and weight of your spectacle lenses over basic lenses. This is especially good news for people who need high prescriptions and/ or wear their glasses all day and are weight sensitive due to sinusitis or broken noses. Double sided Anti-reflection coatings combined with Scratch Resistant coatings protect the lens surface, improve night vision clarity and allow your spec frame to appear optically empty. Your eyes can be seen clearly behind your lenses. With these lens coatings and thinner lens technologies you'll look your best in specs.If you are a Progressive lens wearer, you will see your stand alone computer screen more comfortably if you lower your screen 20cm below eye level when you are seated at your desk. The most comfortable viewing experience for screen and office work for Progressive lens wearers is to use an extended near focus lens such as Hoya's Desk lens series. Great relief for aching neck syndrome.

  • Of course. You can take your fashion nerd frame to the eyeglasses store and ask for the lenses replacement service. They can customize your fashion nerd glasses and processed the lenses which can be fitted with your frame. Hope this helpful.

  • Dear friend, I heard that egg whites can help with puffy eyes. Egg whites can tighten the skins under our eyes and relieve puffy eyes. It can help prevent wrinkles too. So I strongly suggest you to have a try. You can take one egg in a bowl and then separate the yolk. You can use the yolk to make an omelette for yourself in the morning. Next, you can add a few drops of witch hazel into the egg whites and then whip them to get a stiff consistency. Then you can apply the mixture on the skin under your eyes. After it is dry enough, you can wash it with cold water. Hope this helped!

  • Yes, your astigmatism will cause you to see halos around light because of the not adjustment of lights of objects at the right position in the pupils. Your prescription may be higher because of the tiredness which you need to pay attention to. You could use the eye drops to release the symptom.

  • As a matter of fact, it is tue that sometimes teething could give rise to some problems with your eyes such as swelling eyes , painful eyes or some other problems. However, generally speaking, it would not lead to eye infection. Since teeth are closed connected with our brain and eyes, sometimes teething could cause eye problems. Just take it easy, if the problem goes bad, just see a doctor.

  • Can I drink wine with polymyxin b- eye drops