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  • I can not make sure but I've heard that the cost of the basic eye exam is between $50 and $60. Also you can get eye exam discount by search costco coupon online. Also, you can obtain eye exam at Walmart, lenscrafters, etc. Once, I took an eye text at Costco, the dr. is nice.

  • Well, in my opinion, your fatigue can just lead to this situation in your eyes, such as flashing lights in your eyes. And generally speaking, when you are tired, it will just increase the eye pressure, and then affect your eyes, leading to some eye problems such as flashing lights. And if you have flashes of light, it can be an indicator of a serious eye problem that needs immediate treatment. In some serious cases, flashes accompanied by vision loss or by a large number of floaters, small specks, which appear in your line of vision and appear to float or dart from side to side. So you should pay more attention to it.

  • Yes, graves can be inherited. If the parents have grave eyes, their children have much higher risk of getting this disease than normal people. The symptoms of grave eyes: 1.Protrusion of the eyes(bulging eyes) 2.Retraction of eyelids 3.Double vision Here are the treatments: 1. Antithyroid drugs. Patients take drugs such as propylthiouracil (PTU) or methimazole to reduce the production of thyroid. 2. Radioiodine.This treatment is the simplest, most painless, quick and effective way. You just need to take one pill or two when necessary. But pregnant women can't take this. 3. Surgery. Most patient don't have to receive surgery as they can be cured through meditation and radioiodine.In cases that patients have large multinocular goiters which affect their windpipes, surgery is the most effective treatment for them.

  • Does flying at 30000 af

  • After I had surgery under general anaesthetic my eyes were swollen. The doctor gave me lactulose solution. What is lactulose solution for ?

  • Well, generally speaking, when you have dilated pupils, it will be difficult for your eyes to see well. As we know that when dilated pupils occur, the black part of the eye will be bigger than normal one. And that can be annoying and painful to many people. In some cases, it will just lead to blurred vision. so it will not make you see well. For your situation, you should make sure you wash your eyes frequently and apply cleansing eye drops to get rid of any foreign particles. Also, you can try some cool teabags and cucumbers under your eyes. And that can be good for your situation. anyway, just pay more attention to it.

  • Yes it is contagious. Pink eye is an infection of the part of the eye called the conjunctiva,conjunctivitis can hit one or both eyes, and bring with it the telltale symptoms ranging from redness and itching to downright pain, as with most maladies,bacteria,viruses or allergies are the cause. The trouble is how contagious pink is. If it hits one person in the family,it's likely to make its rounds to all family members.

  • In order to prevent the macular degeneration, you could just take the vitamin C and E which own the antioxidant role. The pathological mechanism of macular degeneration is mainly the aging change for the performance of the retinal pigment epithelium cells for the macular area structure. The outside plate film ingests function declines. It is not the digest plate membrane residual in the body retention in the basement of the cells in the blade. The cells are influenced and form a glass membrane. Thus, it leads to macular degeneration. It is mainly happened in the macular area and gets the long-term chronic light damage, choroidal vascular sclerosis, retinal pigment epithelial cell aging problem. If you get the macular degeneration, you'd better go to see the doctor and accept the treatment. At the same time, eating more food with vitamin C and E will be good for you.

  • Kid, you should swim in a well maintained pool which has the correct level of chlorine that will not cause irritated eyes. Your eye irritation may be caused by chlorine in the water. There are two types of chlorine. Free chlorine can disinfect your water. it is a good choice. If the chlorine is combined with urine, fecal matter, body oils, perspiration etc, it will cause eye irritation. You can use swimming goggles for some relief next time.

  • You must be very happy to received gift. The night vision goggles are usually a equipment for using at night so as to shield eyes from halos from many light. Also, you can get a better and more clear vision by wearing night vision goggles. Anyway, it is a good device that to help people at night.