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Walmart Vision Center 2884


Category: Optical Stores, Eye Doctor

8060 W Tropical Pkwy
Las Vegas, NV 89149-4528

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  • Many cases can cause red eyes after workout. Commonly, most of bloodshot is resulted from dry eyes and broken blood vessel of eyes. In a gym with air-condition, your eyes focus on coach and your body. You forget to blink eyes and the airflow evaporate tears quickly. To prevent dry eyes, drink plenty of water before and during workout. Broken blood vessel of eyes is subconjuctival hemorrhage. Certain exercise, like lifting weights, will increase blood pressure and burst tiny blood vessels in the white of eyes. You do not worry about, the redness will be absorbed by body. Within a few days, it will be ok.

  • Yes, it may cause such problems. When we sneeze, our eyes will unconsciously close because of the pressure from the inner body. However, if you open your eyes, the great pressure from the body may make your eyeballs pop out. It is so dangerous. You should not open your eyes on purpose when you sneeze.

  • A detached retina may cause your sudden color blindness. Brain trauma could also be the reason for sudden color blindness. You'd better go to see your doctor and let the doctor give you a careful exam to see what is the real reason for your sudden color blindness.

  • It depends. So consult your eye doctor before using it. In the past, this kind of eye drops can be used only after we get a prescription from our doctor. But nowadays, we can get them in any drug stores. But this doesn't mean we can use them freely. We can see from the warnings that we also should apply this kind of eye drops according to the suggestion of our doctors. Hope this helped!

  • Well, yes, ear infection can lead to goopy eyes. And according to some researches, when you suffer ear infection, it is possible to have eye infection in some degree. And also, you should know that eye infection will just cause goopy eyes. So that is why some people have goopy eyes when they have ear infection. And goopy eyes can also accompany with red eyes, itchy eyes too. At this moment, you can have wet compresses, and just take a piece of clean cloth and soak it in tepid water. Remember that you should gently compress the affected eye with the wet cloth. Anyway, you can just have a try.

  • Just don't let your lenses touch the table. Place your glasses at a conspicous place to avoid being pressed.

  • If your glasses have already been made, then you can't have your lense repoliished. If you make your lenses thinner, they can't fit your original frame properly. You can ask your optician to repolish your lens when you order your glasses.

  • I think you have confused the red eyes with pink eyes. Pink eye is acute bacteria conjunctivitis and it has a powerful infectivity. According to what you have said, the red eyes are caused by lack of sleep, in other words, you have overused your eyes. To avoid the eye strain, you should take an appropriate rest, such as having a rest for five minutes after working one hour. More important thing is to replenish water to the eyes in time in order to ensure your eyes lasting moist, thus you can drip some eyedrops. In addition, you need to replenish your eyes with indispensable vitamin and mineral substance by eating more coarse food grain, coarse cereals, vegetables, fruits, beans, etc.

  • There are a lot of things to be said for ordering glasses for your child online: they're generally less expensive for one, and some online retailers have a better selection of children's frames. There are also things to watch for and think about though, if you do decide to order online. Make sure that the lenses you buy are polycarbonate or Trivex for your children, not plastic or glass. This is a safety issue!! You can read more about children's lenses at A Child%u2019s Eyes. First and foremost, you will need to know your child's pupilary distance, Have a professional do this measurement. you can ask at your eye doctor's, or at an optical shop. You will also need to know some other sizes to figure out which frames will fit your child.The first number in the eyeglass size is the distance across one lens of the glasses.The second number in the eyeglass size is the distance across the bridge on the eyeglass frame %u2013 sometimes referred to as the DBL (distance between lenses).The third number in the eyeglass size is the length of the temple (arm piece) from the front of the eyeglass frame to the end of the temple, which goes behind the ear.It is likely that your child will need to replace their glasses before they outgrow the frames. They'll either break the frames during their day to day activities, or they'll scratch the lenses or have a prescription change.Many retailer shops offer free replacement of lenses if the prescription changes in the first couple months, and a discount for the rest of the year. Most online retailers do not offer that.

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