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Friederich Ronald MD

(505) 292-2220

Category: Eye Doctor

1235 Wyoming Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87112

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  • Yes, it is very possible for you to get red eyes because of playing vdeo games. When you face in front of the screen for a long time, you could find that your eyes may easily get dry. In addition, your eyes may become red because of the infection. You'd better not play video games for a long time. In addition, you should have a rest for the eyes and use the eye drops to release the eyes.

  • I heard that honey can help lighten our eye color. We just need to buy some honey from a nearby supermarket and have a try. We can put a drop into our eye and then blink several times. It can clean our eye with natural organic peroxide. but you will get the effect after years of using it in this way.

  • Your sister's eyeglass frames can be fitted with prescription lenses. If your sister gives it to you, you can add prescription lens to the frame. In fact, any eyeglass frames can be embedded with prescription lenses.

  • I suggest you to ask an optician to remove the scrape for you. If your sunglasses are very expensive, you may damage them or make more scrapes on the lenses. And I have found many suggestions to help remove scratches on sunglasses. You can have a look first.

  • Well, you can wear contact lenses even if in winter. And first, you should know that there is no evidence which can show that contact lenses should not be worn in winter. And in my opinion, there is nothing to do with the season. So you do not need to worry about it. For the care of contacts, you can just console it with your doctor. Generally speaking, contact lenses should be cleaned with solution, or it will infect your eyes.

  • I have bought two pairs of glasses from online eyeglasses stores. But one of them pinches my temple. Maybe they are a little small. So I suggest you to pay attention to the size of the glasses if you want to buy a pair of glasses from online eyeglasses stores.

  • After the salicylic acid slip into your eyes, you should stay calm and rinse your eyes immediately. However, it is harmful to rinse your eyes with tap water. You can buy saline for contact lenses in drug store and use it to flush the remaining of the salicylic acid out. It usually takes one to two days for you to recover. During this time, you can apply high-quality over the counter eye drop to your eyes several times a day. This will lubricate your eyes. If you still suffer from redness, itchiness or overall discomfort in eyes after this period, you must see an oculist.

  • If you want to separate stores into male and female. How about other kind of glasses? Will you like to separate them into different categories? But I think it is not wise to do that because they are equipment that can help improve our vision no matter they are contacts, glasses or sunglasses, they should stay in eyeglasses stores. Have you seen that many famous brands begin to make all kinds of stuffs that we need in our daily lives. The companies want to make a big profit, so do eyeglasses stores. But only one kind of product can't gain enough market shares unless this kind of product is luxuries. So the sunglasses stores put sunglasses for men and sunglasses for women together.

  • Pajaya has many benefits for people's health and this tropical fruit also has a delicious taste. As a matter of fact, pajaya is beneficial to our eyes. As we all know, pajaya is rich in Vitamin A, which is important to the health of eyesight. In general, pajaya can protect our eyes from developing cataracts, glaucoma, and other chronic eye diseases. So it is helpful to take more fruits to keep your eyes healthy. Apart from the advantages above, pajaya can be beneficial to improve your skin. Because pajaya is rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, and these valuable nutrients can helpmake your skin more smooth. Besides, it can be effective to reduce wrinkles . By the way, pajaya can lower the risk of getting cancer, heart problems and so on. What is more, pajaya is helpful to relieve digestion problems.

  • Yes, the lenscrafter sells the non prescription contact lenses and the lenscrafter is such a good place for you to buy contact lenses and eyeglasses. If you are not short sighted and don't need the eyeglasses to help you see the vision, you could choose the colored contact lenses with no prescription to make you look beautiful and charming at the eyes.