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A Town Optical Inc

(212) 719-4000

Category: Optical Stores

2 W 47th St
New York,NY 10036

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A State of the Art Facility With 50 Years of Experience specializing in Optometry ~ Focusing On One Patient at a Timer. Marshall Cohen Dr. Eugene Cohen Dr. Roy Cohen Dr. Steve Rubinstein Dr. Viktorya Belenkova Dr. Henry Ettinger Dr. Jessica Tran Cataracts Diabetic Retinopathy Glaucoma Macular Degeneration Dry Eye Therapy Red Eyes Corneal Abrasions Allergies Epi-Lasik PRK Lasek LTK CK Monovision Custom Vue Eye Tracking Custom Wavescan Permanent Implantable Contact Lenses for High Prescription:// ADD Binocular Coordination Dyslexia Learning Problems EyeStrain Eye Muscle Imbalance Strabismus & Amblyopia (Lazy & Crossed Eyes) Astigmatic Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses RGP's Hard & Soft Contacts Bifocal Daily Disposables Soft & Color Lenses Medically Necessary or Keratoconic Lenses Hard to Fit Unusual Cases To place an order please click on the link below. Accurate Computerized Prescriptions Exclusive Lines With High Fashion & Economy Frames Available Thinnest Lenses Available Invisible Bifocal Specialist Quick Turnaround office Hours:Monday and Friday9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday9 a.m. to 7 p.m.Languages Spoken ~ English, Spanish, Italian, Filipino/Tagalog, Russian, Polish, Yiddish, and Hebrew.Click Here to view the Notice Of Privacy Practices site Manager Sign InPowered ByYellow Pages link


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English, Hindi, Italian, Russian, Spanish


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They Seem to be alright! But their sellections is very minimal!!!.

09/27/2012 BY Frankie Artis

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  • Yeah, of course, you need to take the size of the contacts into consideration, since different people wear the contacts with different size. Improper contacts will cause discomfort.

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  • You can wear contact lenses when you go to skiing. Actually, you should wear contact lenses if you have near-sightedness. Glasses may be harmful if you fall. So wearing contact lenses can be a necessity when you do some dangerous exercise. Do not wear glasses. The best choice for you is wearing goggles with prescription.

  • I always saw a lot of girls who wear colored contacts which make their eyes look bigger than normal. It is really beautiful. So I always want to get one. However, I have a good vision and eyes are tender tissues which can be easily hurt and infected by bacterial. In my mind, healthy is most important, so I will not wear colored contacts.

  • i have seen scanner green light 3 to 4 times, now what is precaution and problem

  • It's easy. A pair of prescription swim goggle can solve your vision problem. What you shall to do is have a eye exam and get your prescription. Then use it to buy prescription swim goggle that both for eye protection and vision aids.

  • There are some big framed sunglasses. You can have a look at And the sunglasses sold on this website are all with UV protection. I think a pair of prescription sunglasses will cost you nearly 100 dollars in the end. You can consult the online customer services to make sure that. Good luck!