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Salisbury James A MD

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640 Oak St
Forest City,NC 28043

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  • First of all, I think most people prefer contact lenses to eyeglasses because wearing contact lenses is more convenient. Contact lenses are directly in touch with people’s cornea. When you are wearing contact lenses, you don't have worry about that the glasses will fall off and the lenses will be broken. While when you are wearing eyeglasses, it may happen quite often. Secondly, some people may fell uncomfortable with eyeglasses as it may add pressure on nose and skin around eyes. And the eyeglass lenses are easy to dirty when in a situation with stream or dust or anything else. One more reason, some people may think wearing contact lenses is prettier. They might think without a frame on face it may looks more attractive. And as contact lenses are made into different colors, it also can be kind of direction. That why people like to wear contact lenses even they have good vision.

  • Well, it is absolutely unnecessary to stay away from your friends. Your friend`s illness will only be infectious if you are too close to him, for example, if you touch the things that he touched and rub your eyes, you are likely to get sick. So my advice is that you will remind your friend to keep clean and wash his hands. Anyway, it is unwise to lose a friend right, so you'd better urge him to visit a doctor as soon as possible!

  • Well, generally speaking, eye shingles can be normal for many people, and in some cases, they are annoying. In common, eye shingles is an infection caused by the virus. And according to some experts, one or more nerves and the skin over them are affected. For the looks, you should know that your eye may become red, swollen because of it. And there are also some other symptoms when they occurs. For example, painful, and very sensitive to light, watery eyes and blurred vision can be possible. For your situation, you need to wear eye patch to protect your eyes from further infection. Anyway, just be careful about it.

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  • First off, orange glasses are unique. You are not likely to bump into another guy donning the same glasses as you go to school or work. That sets you apart and makes you tip from all your peers and friends. Secondly, the color orange is perfect for block sunlight and they are easy on our eyes, which makes our eyes comfortable looking through it.

  • Well, generally speaking, if you go outside and have strong sunlight on you, it is possible to hurt your eyes, skin, making sunburn. For eyes, it will just make you have sunburn eyes. That can be painful, even burning. Unfortunately, until now on, there is no cure for a sunburn eye. We can just try some ways to relieve the symptoms. For example, according to some experts, you can apply some cool compresses with teabags or cucumbers to soothe the irritation. Also, you can consider taking OTC ibuprofen with food if you are able. Anyway, just pay more attention to it.

  • The feeling of burning, or sore eyes may be caused by a blocked or infected tear duct. As we all know, we have a bit of natural mucus discharge building up in the corners of our eyes every morning. They can be make up of skin cells from our upper eyelids, dust, tears and mucus. There are plenty of bacteria, viruses or fungi in them. We will sweep them out well by our tears. Once the allergens increase or a blocked tear duct occurs, we fail to clean up the eye boogers completely. As a result, we will suffer some eye infections, especially in spring with a unpredictable weather, not always. Never forget our powerful immune system. Well, it is time to clean up your room and keep a good personal hygiene.

  • Though there are several different types of contact lens solutions, you should choose them according to which type of contact lens. In order to choose the safe cleaning and storage for your contact lenses, you should follow your eye care provider's directions. And only the daily wear or extended wear contact lenses need contact lens solutions. The expired contacts needn't be cleaned any more. Usually, the solutions will not cause side effects on our eyeballs or eyesight.

  • Generally speaking, with the increase of your age, sagging eyelids would appear as a result of loss of skin elasticity. Besides, other causes such as fatigue, pressure and smoking can worsen your condition. Here are some tips for your consideration. 1. Live a healthy and regular life. Avoid drinking too much coffee and tea, and give up smoking. 2. Drink more water and keep your skin moist. 3. It is important to keep a good mood and lead a positive attitude to life. 4. Try to guarantee enough sleep and avoid staying up. 5. Put slices of cold on your eyes, and relax for several minutes. Hope helpful for your condition.

  • Yes, receiving botox can reduce dark circles under eyes. Because botox is a great product and it is a naturally-occurring muscle relaxant, which can make your muscle relaxed. Also it has lots of purified protein called Botulinum toxin A, which can be very helpful. By using it you can get a soft, relaxed, more youthful skin under your eyes. And your dark circles under eyes will disappear.