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Category: Optical Stores, Eye Doctor

2123 W 6th Ave
Stillwater, OK 74074-4136

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  • It is called the computer glasses which are especially worn for people in front of the computers. The role of this kind of glass is to help your eyes from the radiation of the computers. Your eyes will be protected from the glare and brightness of the computer screen. You could find such kind of eyeglass from the online store. It is worthy to own one.

  • Blinking eyes can keep our eyes moist and relieve strain eyes. But it is said that normal people blink their eyes 15 times a minute. If you blink too much and too often, it is not a good symptoms. Because blinking eyes can be caused by dry eyes, keratitis, conjunctivitis, poor eyesight, blurred vision, or eye floaters etc. That is to say, eye blinking can be a sign of eye problems or even eye diseases. As for what disease causes it, you shall consult a eye doctor.

  • Progressive lenses are also called no line bifocals, they have all bebefits of bifocals and trifocals. They can ensure clear vision at all distances, for near distance, far distacne and also mid-range distance. For they have no lines in the lenses so they won't reveal that the wearer is wearing bifocals. Single vision lenses are for special purpose for one person to have one prescription to see at all distance. They can be used for "distance only" or "near vision" (reading only).

  • A pinguecula is a small and yellowish nodule on the surface of the corners of the eye, and it can appear on either side of the cornea or on the nasal side. It may increase in size. Frequent exposure to ultraviolet light, toxic vapours, dust, wind, salt water spray can cause pinguecula. Those who suffer from pinguecula can feel as if there is a foreign object in the eye.

  • Yes, it is just like the combination of prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. Prescription sunglasses can save you from the inconvenience of wearing contact lenses and sunglasses at the same time. What's more, prescription sunglasses also have a wide range of choice of prescription lenses including bifocal, progressive lens.The options for frames are just the same as the non-prescription sunglasses. In a word, prescription sunglassses can not only correct your prescription as eyeglasses, but also protect you from ultraviolet and reduce glares and sunlight as sunglasses.

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  • It depends on which kind of herpes you are having. There are two kinds of herpes simplex viruses. Type 1 herpes simplex virus can cause cold cores and eye infections, while Type 2 won't. The type 2 herpes simplex virus usually causes genital herpes. You may have been infected with this virus from your childhood for the first time. Which is called primary infection. After primary infection, the virus will stay in your body permanently. But they will remain inactive in most cases. In some case, they travel down the nerve to the eyes and cause corneal infection or keratitis.The scars left by this infection can cause permanent vision loss, so it is very important to treat it. If the eyes are infected, a person can apply antiviral eyedrops or ointments to prevent scarrings.