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The Eye Shoppe Joseph T. Gallagher, OD

The Eye Shoppe Joseph T. Gallagher, OD

(610) 489-4100

Category: Optical Stores

222 East Main Street, Suite 114 Collegeville Shopping Center
Collegeville,PA 19426

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222 East Main Street, Suite 114 Collegeville Shopping Center Collegeville,PA 19426

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  THE EYE STORE offers over 30 years of experience in providing eye care for men, women and children. Comprehensive optometric eye care including eye examinations, are available by appointment with Joseph T Gallagher, OD. Family owned and operated at THE EYE STORE one will find expert quality service and a sensational selection of brand name eyeglasses and sunglasses for both prescription and non-prescription needs including sunglass manufacturers such as Maui Jim and OAKLEY. Jeffrey Kehr, John Nickels, Kermit Royer and Glenn Halpern will help you choose from our large inventory of frames and will recommend appropriate lens choices to totally customize your eyewear to accommodate your prescription needs.


Acuvue,Bausch & Lomb,Charmant,Crizal,Kate Spade,Liz Claiborne,Maui Jim,Nine West,Oakley,Safilo,Transitions,Varilux,and MANY MANY MORE!!


Accessories include but are not limites to: Eye glass cases, Eyeglass chains and cords, eyeglass cleaner, mircofiber cleaing clothes, magnifiers, ready readers, solar shields, contact lens cases, contact lens solutions and much more


American Optometric Association

Guild Opticians

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  • I'm not sure whether your lenses can be replaced or not. The lenses of some sunglasses cannot be replaced. You'd better take your frame to your optician and ask them whether your prescription can fit into the frame.

  • Persol sunglasses are made in Italy and you should know that persol eyeglasses are now famous for their excellent quality and durable eyeglasses and sunglasses. A small silver arrow is the trademark of this company and this symbol can be seen on all of its products. It is not just a normal brand, but also a luxury brand and many famous celebrities have been seen donning a pair of persol eyeglasses. Because they are a kind of luxury, their prices will not be cheap. So I will not suggest you buy them. Just go and find some kinds of sunglasses which are affordable and also can fit with you.

  • Unfortunately no, it is a myth, in fact, it do benefit eye health. As we all know, carrot is a good source of carotenoids, it is rich in vitamin A that is an essential nutrient for keeping eye health, especially for effective night vision. However, it could not improve your overall eyesight, but can prevent loss of night vision and keep the corneas moist and healthy. If you have a deficiency of vitamin A, it can lead to chronic dry eyes and painful erosion of the cornea from excessive dryness. Hence, you should consider it into your daily diet to ensure your eye health.

  • Caffeine may cause pressures to spike, and if you have a risk for glaucoma, talk with your doctor about the effects of caffeine on your eyes is the first thing that you must do. It is also the cause of high eye pressure. If high pressures reduce the amount of blood to your optic nerve, the blood your nerve needs for nourishment and function, you may have optic nerve damage.

  • Well, as you can see, yellow eyes is one of the most complicated and serious problems with eyes, and basically it is very dangerous for it leads to a lot of symptoms and other problems with our vision, eyeballs, etc. The causes of that is various, including some eye infections, bad use of eyes, and some other diseases on other parts of our body. So, all I can say is that you should take care of your eyes before such terrible matter come to you. Just pay attention to your use of eyes, to your diet and to your rest.

  • You can send an email to customer services and then they will help you with this immediately.

  • The first step is to clean your sunglasses and then dry them off. Then you can spray some furniture polish or other solutions (but I suggest you to consult your optician first) on the scratched lenses and then rub them with a piece of clean soft cloth gently. If the scratches are too deep, the UV coating will be removed too. So the sunglasses can't protect your eyes from harmful UV rays anymore. In my opinion, a pair of sunglasses that can't block UV rays are useless. We'd better buy a pair of new sunglasses. Hope this helped!

  • I did the eye exam at boots opticians last year for free during the national day. That day there was the discount activity that buying a pair of eyeglasses may send you the eye exam for free. About the exact price of eye exam, you could call them and ask the clients there. Or you can wait to see whether there is the discount activity this year.

  • To be exact,the blue lenses won't cause damage to our eyes,it is the blue lights that are harmful to our eyes. The blue lenses would allow the blue lights come into our eyes and cause damage.

  • It will cause eye infection if you don't choose an proper eyeliner . As you are getting hurt in your eyes when put them in which suggests they are doing harm to your eyes , I highly suggest you stop use them , otherwise it may ruin your eyes . I think eyes are the weekest part of our body and it deserves more attention . if you can't give up the eyeliner ,do choose some good quality one .never buy them on the street .