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317 South Broutuny
Mcallen, TX 78501

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  • If you really got a drops of hot oil splash into your eyes by chance, flush them with cool water at once. You would feel pain and uncomfortable, even blurred vision for a moment when these drops into your eyes. Keep calm, it's normal reflection because these feelings are symptoms of hot oil into your eyes. Don't worry, they are not serious. Just do as I suggested before, you'd better flush them for 10 minutes and after that, drop some basic drops into your eyes, you'll be OK soon.

  • It is normal to get eye twitch when you are tired. In fact, tired eyes, dry eyes, lacking of sleep and too much coffee intake can cause twitching eyes. As your description, your twitching eyes are caused by tired eyes, just take a rest, it will recover. Besides, get enough sleep can also help your eyes. If you can't recover after two or three days, you shall visit an doctor for an eyes check.

  • Glaucoma is an eye disease in which the optic nerve is damaged in a characteristic pattern, which has a deep and permanent effect on vision. The nerve damage involves loss of retinal ganglion cells in a characteristic pattern. Glaucoma usually caused by dietary, genetics, ethnicity and gender. Because of the relationship of glaucoma with age, other associated factors affecting balance may also be present. Vitamins help glaucoma indeed. We can eat fresh fruits, and vegetables to take vitamins supplements. Some vitamins can work for eye sight, such as vitamin D and E. Some are good for puffy eyes and dry eyes, for instance vitamin C and vitamin A. In addition, not only vitamins can help with glaucoma, but also surgery and medicines are always do good to it. Canaloplasty is a non-penetrating procedure using micro-catheter technology. Argon laser trabeculoplasty (ALT) may be used to treat open-angle glaucoma. Glaucoma is essential to cause your attention.

  • I think it is just like how glasses work.The holes force the light to refract and reach the point in the back of your eyes where it should be.

  • Yes, the black currant seed oil will help you release the eyes from the dry eyes because of the inner nutritious vitamin inner the materials. However, its better role is to low the high concentration of blood fat which will make your intestinal and stomach work at normal state. At the same time, your dry eyes will get release and the eyes will get moisture.

  • RayBan classic eyeglasses are most popular among eyeglasses wearers. Personally I think it fits almost all kinds of face shape both men's and women's. Moreover, RayBan eyeglasses will be never out of date.

  • You know, as the development of the society, a great number of people will get this symptom from different reasons. Somebody get it just because of overworking, others may be get it by don't have a regular bedtime. In those state, because your eyes couldn't get a good blood circulations that caused it became black. If you want to get rid of it, I suggest you pay attention to rest and keep a regular bedtime. The most importance is before going to sleep at night with hot towel to the area for a few minutes.

  • I'm afraid that you can get free eyeglasses since Firmoo is not a charity organization and has no cooperation with MEDI-CAL. However, Firmoo provides first pair free, you only need to pay for the shipping. Here is the link:

  • Generally, you need to take your complexion and your hair color into consideration. In my opinion, green and brown contact lenses seem as good choices for those people require subtle change. But I insist blue will look great on you. It can bright your eyes, especially when your eyes are a almost black brown color. Well, go to your optician, he/she may have trial lenses so you can see what they look like. If not, it is wise to have a pair of disposable color lenses, which is not too expensive and can be replaced in two weeks. As for the brand, the doctor will tell you what brand would be best for you. One of my friend wears blue and it is called True Sapphire from 'Fresh Look', she has brown eyes and black hair. Good luck in your research.