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Vision Source Medical Center

Vision Source Medical Center

(210) 569-0356

Category: Optical Stores

7959 Fredericksburg Rd. 137
San Antonio,TX 78229

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General Info

The independently owned and operated Vision Source Eye Care centers in San Antonio offer comprehensive eye care for the entire family. As part of North America's premier network of private practice optometrists, San Antonio Vision Source offices are able to provide their patients eye health care utilizing the latest technology and progressive optometric procedures. And because each office is owned and operated by a doctor of optometry, your entire experience - from exam through fitting in glasses or contacts – take place under the supervision of your family eye doctor.

San Antonio Vision Source doctors provide medical care for the eyes, treating and managing treatment of:

* Glaucoma

* Cataracts

* Macular Degeneration

* Diabetic Eye Disease

* Dry Eye

* Eye Infections

* Eye Injuries

To find out more, call your local Vision Source office - 210-569-0356

Hours of Operation:

Open Monday – Saturday. Some offices offer extended evening hours. Please visit our website for additional information.


Vision Source doctors prescribe only first quality products for the patients, including:

Contact Lenses

* Ciba Vision®

* CooperVision®

* Acuvue®

* Bausch & Lomb ®


* Coach®

* Gucci®

* Prada®

* Nike®

* Calvin Klein®


* Oakley®

* Maui Jim®

* Costa Del Mar®

Note: Since each office is independent owned and operated, not all brands may be available at all offices.

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General Impression:

By far, the worst place I’ve ever been too….. This is a joke of an office that seems to have no concept of time. I showed up for my 1030 appointment at 1025 only to see a women walk in at 1035 for her 1030 appointment and get seen before me. I figured it was a slight error in their part and didn’t say anything. While waiting in the holding cell they call a waiting room the doctor comes out and sees another customer before me. WTF!!! 2 hrs into my 1 hour lunch break, I finally said enough and walked out. I have no idea why this office even makes appointments. What makes Optometrists think that their jobs are better that anyone else’s? As an Engineer, if I took my 2 hrs to do my job I would get boot. It’s just an eye exam how hard can that really be?

01/02/2014 BY Waste of Time

  • Firmoo Answers
  • If you already have a prescription for hard contacts,you can try to use it to buy soft contacts from the optical store.If there is no problem in buying them,then you can use it.

  • According to your description about your prescription, You just only suffer myopia. So, you needn't buy bifocal glasses, progressive glasses or trifocal glasses. Just a pair of regular eyeglasses with single vision lenses can help you. Bifocal glasses, progressive glasses and trifocal glasses are designed to help people with many vision problems such as myopia, presbyopia and astigmatism etc. Therefore, you needn't care about it. You can go any eyeglasses shop to buy a pair of eyeglasses with your prescription. Good luck.

  • Yes it can cause a black eye. I had a really bad coughing episode and ended up with a black eye.

  • I don't have any vision problems so I just wear glasses for fun. Sometimes just a pair of frame can make me look better if it go well with my dressing. So I often choose some kind of beautiful frames. Usually they are with bright color. If I want to buy a pair of expensive glasses, I will not choose a pair of frame randomly. I will consider lots of things before deciding to buy it. Usually it will take me almost 3 months to make the decision. It is said that if you like the things you choose 3 months later, then you can buy it without regret after another 3 months.

  • It is good to wear contacts in cold weather in case the steam will condense on glasses impairing vision.

  • I think you are meaning the "prescription stacking".It may be not practicable and inconvenient.What would you do if you need to see things far away?Take off your reading glasses? The contacts are not enough to correct your vision obviously.

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  • Yes, the sinus infection will lead to uveitis because of the eye infection. The nerves in the eyes and nose are interlinked. When you get the sinus infection, there is the high possibility for you to get infection at eyes. Then the uveitis will appear. Uveitis refers to the iris ciliary body choroidal inflammation. The iris ciliary body and the blood supply for iris with large ring. At the same time, the total inflammation is often called iris ciliary body inflammation. If choroid also gets inflammation, it is called uveitis. Uveitis is a kind of multiple eye disease in young and middle-aged eye disease. Its sort is various and the cause is quite complicated. The cure is undeserved, causing blindness. It should arouse the attention from the patients. When you get the uveitis, you'd better go to see the doctor and accept the medical treatment.

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