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Visual Optique bossuet Adhérent

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Category: Eye Doctor

19 pl bossuet
Dijon,Burgundy 21000

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  • I once broke a pair of acetate glasses too. The optometrist told me that there was no way to fix it unless you only lost a screw. You can buy a new pair. Don't be sad. You can put it in this way that it is a good chance to change your image. There are so many styles and colors of glasses you can choose. I suggest you to shop online. So far there are many eyewear shops on line for the booming e-business. The price is very cheap and you can easily get what you want without walking out from store to store. If you don't like the glasses after received, you can easily get refund. How can someone does not like it! If you are lucky, you can even get glasses for free.

  • Itchy eyes can be caused by allergies, or allergic conjunctivitis. You can buy oral antihistamines, such as Claritin. Or buy the eye drops with antihistamines and decongestants. Or see a doctor get some medication for relief of itchy eyes. And you’d better keep your windows closed to reduce outdoor allergens in spring to prevent itchy eyes.

  • Eye colors may have nothing to do with the diet. It is determined by your genetics. Some people may find that eating a raw diet can make their eyes clearer, but it cannot change the color of their eyes.

  • Go out hiking or skiing in winter, many people will consider wearing sunglasses. According to the optometric veteran, it will endanger our vision If glasses selection is not good. Firstly the quality of the glasses should be assured. eg: to check that is no obvious split between the lens and frame. Secondly, choosing some fashionable sunglasses will make you more charming in plain winter. The Versace sunglasses series for autumn and winter seemed very nice.

  • The contacts, no matter colored or not should not be considered as cosmetics. The condition of human eyes is comparatively vulnerable. And not anybody can wear contacts. If you want to wear contacts even for a short term, I think it's better for you to see the qualified optometrist and he or she will tell you whether you can wear contacts or not and which is best for your eyes.

  • Well, actually there are many people who wear sunglasses when they are in the parties. And you should know that there are too reasons for them to wear. First, they just want to make them look attractive, cool, and beautiful for there are many types of sunglasses which have beautiful design and perfect frames. By wearing them when they are in the party, it can make them look more gorgeous. Also, in my opinion, it is probably because they want to protect themselves from colourful light. As we know that sunglasses are designed with special use. That is to darken the light and protect people's eyes. In this way, they can be helpful to protect the eyes. But on the other hand, it is bad to wear sunglasses all the time. In this way, it will just make your eyes be accustomed to the dark light. So when you take off your sunglasses, you will feel uncomfortable and your eyes will be hurt by the bright light. In serious situation, it will lead to many eye diseases. So just be careful about it.

  • Maybe not.If you want it to become bifocal glasses,the lenses should be replaced.But generally the lens of bifocal are much bigger than regular ones,so there is no way to put them in the frame. You need to get a new pair of bifocal glasses.

  • I have found this to you, dude. There are many ways to dealt with a black eye. I think most of them are effective. You can read it at So I won't need to repeat them here. Hope this helped too!

  • It is normal that the eyes will roll back and the we can see the white of the eyes when people faint. This is because when people are in the state of relaxation, their pupillas are upward. For example, when people are sleeping, their white of the eyes will be exposed. And at the instant of faint, the optical nerves will get immediately relaxed, then the pupilla will turn upward too quickly for the eyelids to cover the eyeballs. Therefore, we see the fainted people roll back their eyes when they faint.

  • About how to stop your eyes from watering when you are doing makeup. Yes, we are the same that I'm also wearing contacts while makeup. The mascara cream which I use is za, the eye liner is maybelline of black one. The makeup remover, I use C & B. Because of the contacts wearing, I need to pay more attention for the eyes care. Avoid the scream get into your eyelids at your best. The cosmetic must be made up from the natural plants essence. The minimal makeup is the popular trends nowadays and it may suit the people with you and me, who usually wear contacts. Use clean water to wipe out the remains of cosmetics after party. You can have a try.