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Atol National Optique Adhérent

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Category: Eye Doctor

14 r Nationale
Lille,Nord-Pas-de-Calais 59000

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  • An eye exam typically takes about an hour, more or less, according to your individual needs. If you are choosing glasses or being fitted for contact lenses, your visit may be longer.

  • The plastic frames are made out of cellulose acetate. Though the main material is the same, but the quality of plastic frames may have great differences. So before buying a pair of sunglasses, you'd better have a good look of the frames. And ask the salesman whether they are acetate frames or not. Acetate frames are more expensive but they are more durable. Hope this helped!

  • Well, I need to say eyelash glue is one of the cosmetic items that I use daily. As for the possibility of blind, I think it must be a one in a million due to the incorrect way to wear or remove the fake eyelashes. So , just don't worry about that and learn how to get glue off of your eye lashes without tearing off your lashes. Firstly, soap and water can work great on softening the glue, especially when you have worn fake lashes more than several hours, which can loosen glue from the lash area. Similarly, you can choose olive oil or coconut oil to loosen in order to make removal easier. Then, use tweezers to tear off each fake eyelashes. Besides, you should not use too much glue a time and dab at the glue with some remover to remove it completely before your go to bed.

  • It is possible for some people to be allergic to the metal glasses frame. In this case, your mother should avoid metal glasses. She can switch to regular plastic frames. Or she can also get titanium or stainless steel eyeglasses which is hypoallergenic.

  • When eyeglasses are exposed to a variety of oils from our face, hair and hands, over time, these oils can build up and cause a film over the surface of the glasses. Here are some tips to help you clean the eyeglasses lenses. First, you can spray a small amount of lens or window clearer on each lens of the eyeglasses, if there is lenses coating on your lenses, you shall adopt manufacturer’s recommended cleaning solution, then use soft cloth to gently wipe away the film from the eyeglasses.

  • That crust is a type of rheum, a thin mucus naturally discharged from our eyes, noses and mouths. Rheum is made up of mucus, skin cells, oils and dust. The rheum that comes from the eyes and forms eye boogers is called gound, which you may know as eye sand, eye gunk, sleep dust, sleep sand, sleep in your eyes, or eye shnooters. When you're awake, gound doesn't cause any problems. You don't even know it's there because it gets cleaned away whenever you blink. Your eyelids regularly corral it down to your tear ducts, where it's washed away. When you sleep, though, you're not blinking, and gound is allowed to build up in the corners of your eyes. It dries out and hardens, leaving you looking like you face planted in a sandcastle sometime during the night. Gound isn't a big deal for most people, but an unlucky few have a major problem with it. A number of conditions, from overactive oil glands to blocked tear ducts, can lead to obscene amounts of gound buildup, sometimes to the point where it prevents people from opening their eyes.

  • If you have the big ears, you could choose the big frame sunglasses which are popular this year. From the look, the big frame sunglasses are so cool. If you want to buy the pair of sunglasses to match with all kinds of clothing, you could choose the white or black color. If you want to look different, you could choose the red color which will make you look outstanding.

  • No, it wouldn't. 3D movie could cause visual discomfort, fatigue and headache. Because your eyes focus on the physical screen and the 3D content when you are watching 3D movie. That is to say, your 3D glasses filter light that everything has double images. You should accommodate to the distance of the screen because that's where the light comes from. But it couldn't do anything to hurt your eyes. However, it's beneficial for you to exercise your eye muscles in a different way.

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  • Lights should not be too light or dim,otherwise they can cause eye strain easily.The incandescent lights are better for your eyes.