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Visique On Quay Optometrists

Visique On Quay Optometrists

09-373 3701

Category: Optical Stores, Eye Doctor

Ground Floor, PWC Tower 188 Quay St Central
Auckland,North Island 1010

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Ground Floor, PWC Tower 188 Quay St Central Auckland,North Island 1010

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  • About Visique On Quay Optometrists

Believe your Eyes! Visque on Quay will make you see! Whether you are looking for Glasses, Contact lenses or sunglasses – Visique on Quay will assist you with expert knowledge.

Besides comprehensive Eye Exams, we also offer visual field testing, glaucoma screening and retinal photography to help you choose the appropriate eyewear or vision aid.

By providing exceptional and professional service, we gained a high level of trust throughout the years and our customers always come back.

For more information please visit our website by clicking the link above or contact us today to arrange an appointment. We are conveniently located on 188 Quay Street, near the ferry terminal – perfect for those on the way to Waiheke Island.

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  • With a full name of Laser In-Situ Keratomileusis, LASIK is usually performed to correct myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. Among all of the surgeries, only LASIK cuts a corneal flap during the surgery. LASIK uses a laser to apply the corneal tissue under the flap. In this way the corneal surface can be reshaped. In other words, a necessary amount of corneal tissues are removed. Until now, LASIK is the most popular vision eye surgery among the public. PRK (Photo Refractive Keratectomy) is another popular choice. This procedure is also capable of curing nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism in mild and moderate forms. PRK involves no corneal cutting. During a PRK surgery, a laser delivers cool pulses of ultraviolet light directly on the cornea. During this process, the corneal surface will be reshaped. As a forerunner of LASIK, PRK is also a popular option today.

  • Well, of course, soap will not cause the blindness. So you should not worry about it. Just wash your eyes with clean water, so that it can relieve the pain in your eyes. As we know that soap contains a lot of chemical materials, so it can be the irritants to the eyes. If you do not wash your eyes as soon as possible, it can not hurt your eyes, but also can infect your eyes. And then lead to eye infection. At that moment, it can be dangerous, for you may suffer red eyes, and dry eyes, even watery eyes. After wash your eyes, you can use some eye drops to protect your eyes too.

  • I will have a an answer as soon as my need for free prescription glasses has been answered.

  • You can go and look around at the local optical stores and find if they offer free sports glasses, but as I know it is quite impossible. Search online, you may find some.

  • Yes, it differs only in prescription on the lenses, lenses on clear glasses is non-prescription lenses while lenses on prescription glasses is with prescribed lenses.

  • The vitreous in our eyes changes as we age but this often happens after 50 years old. At that time, we may suffer from many eye problems. And eye floaters may increase at that time. But other kind of eye damages such as trauma or surgery can lead to the changes of vitreous and further lead to more eye floater and flashing light in our vision. If that happens, you may need to see an ophthalmologist as soon as possible.

  • Double vision is different from ghosting. Usually, people with double vision can feel two distinctive images that disturb people to get the right and correct vision.It can be caused by eye strain, drunk, tired etc. But Ghosting is a single eye issue. It often occur to people with astigmatism, cataract and corneal scar etc.

  • In the early time, horn rimmed glasses are made of horn or tortoise shell. Nowadays, the horn rimmed glasses frames are made of thick plastic frames with the same color and texture as horn. Horn rimmed glasses make bold appearance on the wearer's face in order to draw attention. Now horn rimmed glasses are one of the most popular eyeglasses in fashion field. They are suitable for both men and women. If you like, you can get cheap horm rimmed eyeglasses online.

  • There are some cardinal symptom of retinal detachment, 1. Have photosia of spark. 2. What you see is dim, and metamorphopsia. 3. The vision suddenly blur. 4. Intraocular pressure reducing, and eyeball get soften. if you feel some of them, just see a doctor immediately. if you don't feel that symptom, protect your eyes in daily life, completes the prevention work.

  • Well, so sorry to hear that you are suffering from your diabetes, which might be really torturous. It is true that diabetes could result in a lot of symptoms all over your body, including eye problems. Thus, eye twitching is possible. However, eye twitching may also be derived from other problems such as fatigue, eye strain, infections, etc. That is complicated. My advice for you is to go through a medical checkup to figure out what to do next.