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Paterson Burn Optometrists (Hamilton,North Island)

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Lynden Court Chartwell
Hamilton,North Island

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  • About Paterson Burn Optometrists

Paterson Burn Optometrists are an independent group servicing the Waikato area with full optometric services. We have Therapeutics trained Optometrists to treat front of eye infections, watering eye and eye conditions such as conjunctivitis, blephritis. We provide full eye examinations, eye health and vision tests with all the best equipment including digital retinal cameras, visual field screeners, topographers and auto refractors with fully computerized systems. We have optometrists specializing in low vision, topography and contact lenses. Full recognition and referrals for cataract, glaucoma, ptyerigium and other eye diseases.

There is a wide range of spectacle frames to choose from including fashion, children's, designer, sport, safety, funky, classic, trendy, and sunglasses suitable for prescription lenses. Glasses can be made to suit your budget and we have fully trained dispensing opticians to assist you with your optical eyewear. A full range of contact lenses, solutions, cases, accessories and sundries are also available.

Payment options are available to approved clients and we also take VISA, MasterCard, Amex, Q Card, Activa and Farmers Cards

We are the only central North Island stockists of TAG Heuer and FRED frames and sunglasses and exclusive NZ stockists of TAG Heuer Panorama prescription sunglasses.

Other brands available are: Gucci, Christian Dior, Pro Design, Roberto Cavalli, OGA, Jaguar, Davidoff, Joop, Coach, Nike, Sceats, Silhouette, Adidas, Cat, 2Chique, You's, Esprit, Calvin Klein, Animal, Mayhem, Jono Hennessey, Tom Ford, Kate Sylvester, Guess, Fendi, Jag, Ted Baker and many others

Kiddies frames include: Fredbare, Barbie, Converse, Flexon, Youpi, Sceats Kidz, Disney

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