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Home Remedy for Scratched Eyeglasses?
The reason for eyeglass scratch repair Some people need to rely on prescription eyeglasses for day long on a regular basis. Regardless of the lens material, eyeglass lenses may get scratched during daily usage. The good news is that both glass lenses and plastic lenses can be repaired when there is...
How to clean eyeglasses?
Cleaning eyeglasses is an inevitable work for all eyewear users. Even if they are encouraged to keep the glasses in a case when not in use, the eyewear will be polluted by dust and other particles when it stays on the face. This tiny task is to some degree complex...
The lifetime of glasses not only depends on the materials quality, but also your maintenance. Following our tips to take care of your glasses. 1.Put on and put off your glasses with both hands to avoid them be out of shape by unbalanced force. 2.Put your glasses in box with lens upwards...
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