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Frame Size and Strong Rx

When purchasing single vision eyeglasses, wearers with higher prescription strength should be aware that large frame with a wider lens is not recommended while smaller and narrower lens width will contribute to a thinner edge, lighter weight and greater comfort.

a.   Applying higher index lenses (1.60 index and above) can solve the problem of having a thick edge on the Negative lens or a thick center of the Positive lens. These higher index lenses are not only thinner and lighter but being aspheric will effectively perfect your vision effect and wearing comfort.

b.   For the farsighted wearers (There is "+" in front of SPH value) who want to select the higher index lens above the 1.60 index, please avoid choosing big frame with wide lens because the higher index positive lens is with a smaller diameter (55mm) which might be insufficient to be polished based on the frame with wild lens, the frame with the lens width of 50mm or shorter is recommended.

c.   For the wears that have a comparatively small PD (the distance between your pupils is less than 58mm), please pay more attention to the total width of the size as a larger frame may not match your PD. Smaller frame with the lens width of 50mm or lower should be considered as the first choice in order to make sure the accuracy of your prescription.

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