<div> <p>We offer two kinds of Photochromic (colour-changing) lenses: Advanced Photochromic and the Photochromic Transitions&reg; Signature&reg; Gen 8&trade; lenses.<br /> <br /> Photochromic lenses are designed to be clear (or nearly clear) indoors and darken automatically when exposed to sunlight. This unique feature enable it to become sunglasses when going outside and regular glasses when inside. In addition to that, photochromic lenses come with 100% UV protection coating and anti-reflective coating.<br /> <br /> To make this experience even better, we now present you&nbsp;the Photochromic Transitions&reg; Signature&reg; Gen 8&trade; lenses.<br /> <br /> What&nbsp;makes Transitions&reg; Signature&reg; Gen 8&trade;&nbsp;so special when compared to normal Photochromic&nbsp;lenses?</p> <p>&bull; Fast fade back to clear</p> <p>&bull; Fully clear indoors</p> <p>&bull; 100% UVA &amp; UVB rays&nbsp;defense</p> <p>&bull; A special&nbsp;Anti-reflective coating</p> <p>&bull; Proven Harmful blue light protection</p> <p>&bull; Adults &amp; kids All-Match<br /> <br /> <strong>Warm&nbsp;Note:&nbsp;the effects might be weakened by windshields or any UV protective window.<br /> <br /> The Index available for different Transitions Lenses colors</strong><br /> <img alt="" src="https://df5apg8r0m634.cloudfront.net/email/2020/1125/Wov1I28zG1VcQlJp.png" style="height:400px; width:850px" /><br /> <br /> <span style="font-size:18px"><strong>Video for Photochromic &amp; Transitions Lenses</strong></span></p> <h1><span style="font-size:9px">&nbsp;<iframe frameborder="0" height="315" scrolling="no" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/ndWM2N5xuLk" width="500"></iframe></span></h1> </div>
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