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How to measure eyeglasses size?


Step 1: Prepare a metric ruler

Get a metric ruler that is capable of measuring millimeters, the universal unit of measurement set by worldwide frame manufacturers and opticians.

Step 2: Place the frame properly 

Place the frame on a smooth table or level surface. It is acceptable whether the arms are closed or open.

Step 3: Align the ruler and make measurements

Align the starting end of the ruler with the one side of the eye rim at the outer edge, and measure the distance to the other side of the eye rim. The bridge length can be measured in a similar way.

Step 4: Measure arm or temple

It is necessary to measure the length to the bend and the length of the drop respectively.

At some online optical shops, customers are required to provide the frame sizes according to personal facial size. This is the necessary information for opticians to fit a pair of comfortable glasses.


Notice for measuring frame size:

Please use the right way to measure temple length.

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