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How long will it take to process my glasses? How do you handle processing delay?

Product Type Time
Non-Rx glasses 2 business days
Normal single vision eyeglasses 3-5 business days
Computer blue-light blocking lenses 6-9 business days
Tinted lenses 5-7 business days
Photochromic/Polarized lenses 8-11 business days
Bifocals/Progressive lenses 8-11 business days
Wraparound prescription sunglasses 8-11 business days

Please pay attention to your lens type, we wish you can wait with patience while it is in process within process time.

Glasses are medical products which need quality testing after processing so that it takes a few days. Hope you could kindly understand because we just want to offer qualified and fit glasses for you.

Usually, we will ship out orders on time, but sometimes, due to holiday, like Spring Festival, and lens defects caused by manufactures, the order would be delayed inevitably.

If the process time delays for 3-5 days, welcome to contact us via, we can give you a voucher or refund half of the shipping fee as compensation.

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