<div class="_help_font_site selected-art-author"> <p>Yes, if those orders total 4 pairs of eyeglasses or less,&nbsp;and you did not use any voucher or promotion on your orders.&nbsp;You can combine those orders into&nbsp;one shipment and we can refund part&nbsp;of your shipping fee. Email service@firmoo.com, telling us the&nbsp;order numbers&nbsp;you would like to combine. This must be done, however, soon after ordering. Once an order reaches &quot;shipped&quot; status, it cannot be retrieved.<br /> <br /> <strong>Please Note</strong>:&nbsp;1) If you have used a voucher or promotion on your orders already, we can combine the shipments, but with no shipping fee refund. 2) If your orders total more than 4 pairs of eyeglasses, and you applied no discounts,&nbsp;your parcel&nbsp;will exceed the parcel weight guidelines and there will be no shipping fee refund.</p> </div>
Shipping and tracking
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Which countries/regions do you deliver to? Which courier service do you use? How long does it take to arrive? What is the cost for shipping?

How do I track my order?

How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

How long will it take to process my glasses? How do you handle processing delays?

What can I do if I am required to pay import taxes or customs duties?

How to check my order status?

I just placed several orders. Can I combine the shipments?

How do you handle shipping delays?