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Photochromic & Transitions® Lenses Introduction

What is the difference between single-vision and bifocal/progressive lenses?

Do you offer bifocal or progressive lenses?

Do the lenses include any coating?

What is the material of your lens?

Which kind of lenses are free?

Lens Thickness/ Lens Index

Can I buy lenses only to fit into my old glasses frame?

Difference between Spherical Lens and Aspherical Lens

How to choose lenses?

Do you have prism lenses?

What type of bifocal lens do you use?

Lens Color

Spherical VS Aspherical Lens (video)

Lens Functions

What coatings and add-ons do you offer for your lenses?

How to use progressive glasses?

What're the difference between Tint lens, Photochromic lens and polarized lens?

What's the difference between basic coated lenses, standard coated lenses and blue-light blocking lenses?

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