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About Korean Glasses
Nowadays, lots of people who need eyeglasses to correct their vision problem would take into consideration the style of the frames they choose. With the geek look being in trend, Korean style glasses are so popular now. Korean glasses is now associated with counterculture such as Hipster, preppy or dandy. Remember how our favorite oppa Kim Soo Hyun rocked the eyeglasses in the drama You Who Came From The Stars as Professor Do Min Joon? Many other Korean idols rock those large-framed eyeglasses flawlessly. Korean idols are known for wearing Hipster glasses, which brought a trend globally. In Asia, the hipster trend probably started in South Korea, in the early 2000s, hipster or thick-framed glasses ever worn mostly by single eyelid Korean men. Now Korean tend to give a preppy or dandy look with their glasses.
Big, thick plastic glasses frames are the Korean style, but having lenses in them reduce their cool a few dozen notches. These no lens glasses now come in all sorts colors and shapes, are sold everywhere fashionable youth go, and have become exceptionally popular among both female and male hipsters.
If you also would love to pick up a pair of hipster Korean glasses, usually, tips on picking the right frame use the shape of the face as basis, which is that the rectangular frames fits for round face and oval or hear-shaped face fits For any kind of eyeglasses, but this is the old way of choosing frames. For example, if the distance between the brows and the upper line of the eyes is wide, thick Frames are recommended. If a person has dark circles around the eyes, rimless frames are not suggested. Picking the right frame also depends on the image that the person wants to project.
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