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Downtown Vision Care

Downtown Vision Care (300 5 Avenue Southwest

(403) 262-5012

Category: Optical Stores, Eye Doctor

300 5 Avenue Southwest

Calgary, AB T2P3C4

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We were there today for about an hour, looking for glasses and that whole time, not one out ot at least 8 people that were there say a single word or ask us if we need help. We picked the frames that my hubby wanted and he patiently waited until one person finally gave him an eye, and when he asked if she can help, this very rude person asked if we have gone to the counter to register? We were new to the place and we did not know, that was how it was done there, plus we had seen an older man just went straight to that place so we just waited, one thing any of them could have done was tell us to register since at least 4 people had come near us , but none of these four people even say Hi or can I help you. Very rude clerks, very unprofessional and will not recommend this plant to anyone....we then left and on our way to TD square, happened to pass by another eyeglasses place where we were greeted right away and helped. The price were a little bit higher for the frames but the very good service made up for that...I will make sure the treatment we received will be known in downtown...BIG ZERO RATING FOR DOWNTOWN VISION CARE

08/10/2012 BY Bons

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  • will the stephenville walmart eye care accept medicade for one pair of eye glasses ?

  • Dear friend, you may suffer from red and itchy eyes in the first week. I suggest you to wear your contacts for 2 hours in the first day and then increase the hours day by day. Usually it may take at least a few days or one week for a new guy to get used to contacts totally. You also need to wash your hand with soaps carefully before wearing your contacts for any bacteria or viral may cause an eye infection. You also need to put your contacts in the right solution for the solution will cause irritated eyes too. If you can't get used to this air of contacts few days later, you need to try another kind of lens. Good luck to you!

  • OD - This is shorthand for oculus dextraous which means Right Eye.OS - This is shorthand for oculus sinister which really means Left Eye.OU - This is shorthand for oculus uterque which really means Both Eyes. If you see this, you'll want to enter the prescription the same on both eyes.Sphere or Power - SPH or PWR - This is the main strength of your eyeglass prescription. Plano - PL - This indicates there is no spherical correction in this eye. A plano lens would have no focusing power or correction to it.Balance - This indicates there is no vision correction in this eye. It's a non-prescription lens and is used when only one of your eyes requires vision correction Cylinder - CYL - This indicates the amount of astigmatism. Pupilary Distance - PD - This is the distance in millimeters between your right pupil and left pupil. Near Vision or Near Vision Only - NV or NVO - This is written when your doctor is recommending reading-only glasses. (This is also known as farsighted).Distance Vision or Distance Vision Only - DV or DVO - This is written when your doctor is recommending distance-only glasses. (This is also known as nearsighted)

  • Nowadays, contact lens is considered as one of the best modern invitation in the 20s century. The extended contact lenses are also known as night and day contact lenses. That is to say, it can be wore for continuous 30 days and nights without remove and clean. It's a kind of functional contact lens because the myopia or hypermetropia could be treated. And it's made of silicone material which has over 20 percent water thus it reduces the possibility of discomfort and avoid dryness in your eyes. Then, It’s safer to wear extended contact lens due to it decreases the chance of getting eye infection. Additionally, it's less expensive and durable than other kinds of contact lenses. On the contrary, it would produce inflammation of cornea because the continuous wear of these nights and days contact lenses.

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