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Pearle Vision, West Edmonton Mall

Pearle Vision, West Edmonton Mall (Edmonton, AB T5J)

(780) 444-2727

Category: Optical Stores, Eye Doctor

Edmonton, AB T5J

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the service was not to bad but they did not call me when my glasses came in i had to call them twice for both pair of glassses and they were suppsed to call be back fur days later t see how i liked my glasses i did not get the follow up phone call i was not happy with the service when i picked up my glasses

05/13/2016 BY paulinemartin

General Impression:

There are only four words I can use to describe this location, BAD SERVICE & BAD QUALITY. If I could give this place ZERO stars, I would! I had a simple order which I was not 100% satisfied with so they agreed to redo the lenses. Little did I know the feeling of satisfaction with my glasses would NEVER come--not even after returning to the store SEVERAL TIMES just to get them to only TRY to "fix" the problem. They fail to do their business properly because they do not have a lab in the store like Lenscrafters, and when they messed up my order again and again and again--they only blamed it on me, and their lab! They keep telling me that it's the lab's fault for sending the wrong order, but they can't keep on blaming others for their complete incompetence.

10/07/2013 BY Frustrated

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