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3 For 1 Optical (Masonville London) Inc (101 Fanshawe Pk East

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101 Fanshawe Pk East

London, ON N6B

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General Impression:

I was thinking about visiting this location but after reading all the reviews I am not sure. I am suspicious of the one really good one by Bill.

08/24/2016 BY Joanne

General Impression:

Regarding actual purchase of eyeglasses: Poor service, poor attitude, disrespectful of customers. Period. Doesn't warrant 1 star.

04/25/2016 BY Evelyn O'Brien

General Impression:

Called them an asked if they would be able to give my son a Eye Exam (Considering they're apart of the After Hours Emergency Clinic) they said they would be able too. I stopped what i was doing and took my son there right away. 15 mins later i arrived only to be standing there waiting for service. The three clerks were sitting behind the counter talking about Christmas shopping. So after about 10 mins of talking they decided to ask me what i needed.

I told them i just called and asked about getting my son in for an exam, The people behind the counter shrugged off anything i had to say. They said we dont want to do the exam because it's after six. and that i should be be coming in earlier in the day to do this. When clear 15 mins ago they told me to come in to get the exam done.

I was frustrated but i had my son with me so i kept my cool. I told them i would take my serivce somewhere else. Without missing a beat the Man behind the counter said our money is good enough anyway.

This place is very dirty if you look at the walls where all the glasses are help you can see lots of dirt all along the bottom and sides of these things it's not hard to miss they're a good 6-8 inches in size.

I would never ever suggest this place to anyone if you are looking at this place then i suggest the other 4 optometrists in the area, I took my son to Lens Crafters across the street in the mall and was taken care of right away.

So thanks for wasting my time/life with your joke of a store. You should be thankful of your customers and not so disrecpectful

11/27/2015 BY Jay

General Impression:

ANOTHER RIPPED OFF CUSTOMER!!! I was told there was a guarantee if I was not happy with any pair of glasses ordered. I ordered a pair of glasses that had a smaller lens and was told they could make the lens bigger and if I wasn't happy, they'd give me another pair. When they came in, I was unable to use them because they were small and I have bifocals. When I returned the glasses, Kaitlyn told me, no problem, just pick out another pair of frames. I was very happy, thinking the guarantee was genuine. That was in February, 2013. It is now May 21. After dozens of phone calls, I finally received a call back from Lisa, Paul's wife. Instead of calling my cell phone, she left a message on my machine at home and said that these glasses were made specifically for me and could not be returned. She suggested I give it some time to get used the new glasses as there is always an adjustment period with new glasses. I have likely been wearing glasses for as long as she has been alive and I know about getting used to new glasses. When you look up and down and don't have any lens to see through, you're not going to "get used to them". After posting my review on several sites, I can see that I am not the only unsatisfied customer. They won't stay in business long at this rate! They are already sharing staff with the doctor's office next door, so you always have to wait for service in the store until they are done at the doctor's office and have time to look after you.

05/21/2013 BY wendy reid

General Impression:

great service, best prices!!! Always referring to friends and family

03/08/2012 BY BILL T

General Impression:

Great service, really amazing quality in their products and the best pricing.

03/08/2012 BY Bill T

  • Firmoo Answers
  • Yep, it can work with black eye. Vitamin K is considered as effective healing damaged capillaries of the eye and the skin. It can improve blood circulation, check internal bleeding and cure black eye. That is to say, vitamin K helps to promote and accelerate healing to the tissue, and repair blood vessels. You can find rich vitamin K in some food, like broccoli, kiwi fruit and spinach.

  • Clip on sunglasses are very convenient and suitable for every people. The clip on sunglasses are made with two layers of lenses. If you take off the out layer of lenses, the sunglasses will appear like a pair of regular eyeglasses for vision aids. If you stay in the sun, you can take on the outside layer of lenses, it will make your eyeglasses to a pair of "prescription sunglasses" immediately. And the out side lenses are not only block UV rays, but also filter glares so as to protect your eyes.

  • Because when the air temperature drops or you face the wind, our eyes will be stimulated and they start to come out water. So when you walk outside in cold days, it means you face the wind and the cold weather, so your eyes react. To avoid this happening, you can use some eyedrops.

  • Actually, rooibos tea is becoming more and more popular at present, you should know that rooibos tea is a special plant that is naturally grown in South Africa. It is famous and renowned for its wonderful effects which could help us improve our health condition in many ways, because they are rich in a lot of minerals and vitamins, many of which are beneficial to our eyes, such as vitamin A and C. Hope you find this useful.

  • Firmoo offers a "free glasses" code occasionally, so that option varies on the site, it isn't always there. But yes, it only works with new customers, so if you attempt to apply the code to your next purchase, it will give you an error message saying you are not a new customer, if you have already bought a pair before, so make your first pick wisely.

  • It is safe to wash your hair four or five days after the cataract surgery. For the eyes are likely to become inflamed and irritated, you should be careful not to splash water or shampoo into your eyes. If you feel four or five days are too long and you really can't bear such a long time, you can ask others for help or wash your hair at the Barber's. It will be completely safe to wash hair as usual after three months.

  • I must seriously tell you that it is so easy to get eye itchy because of tiredness. The reasons are not far to seek. Firstly, when you stare at something or read something for a long time, pain may occur gradually. Then you start to feel uncomfortable in your eyes. Secondly, the nerves that govern your movements, especially eye movements need to take a good rest. Just like human beings who constantly use brains or work all the time are easily to be fatigue. Then it is time to rest. When nerves are tired, they will "strike", that is, you may see something unclear and you cannot receive the signal of images. Thirdly, you should think over if you have any basic eye problems. Red eyes, pink eyes and glaucoma are possible to cause eye to be itchy. In addition, black eyes are most commonly factors to get eye itchy. All in all, itchy eyes have no unstable causes. You'd better visit an oculist to determine your root reasons for them.

  • Well, I must say it is impossible to get yellow eyes naturally. The color of eyes has been decided by two distinct factors: the pigmentation of the eye's iris and the light in the stroma of the iris. All these based on genes. We cannot change them unless wearing colored contact lenses and making up, even surgery. Personally, wearing yellow contact lenses is the fast and safest way to own yellow eyes. Many Hollywood famous stars always wear colored contact lenses to complete their performances. However, you must go to see a doctor and make sure that you are not allergic to contact lenses. Plus, pay attention to your hands in those germs in hands is easy to enter eyes when you touch them by hands. So wash them clean every time you touch contact lenses.

  • Since children's eyes develop so rapidly, and they continue to develop until about the age of seven, early detection is essential to correcting potentially permanent vision issues. Furthermore, a standard in-school screening only tests for visual acuity which does not provide the whole picture. Comprehensive eye exams test for visual acuity, color vision, eye alignment, eye health and other chronic diseases such as diabetes.If a child waits too long to have an eye exam, a correctable visual problem may become permanent. For example, while a crossed eye may not seem bad, if left untreated, it can cause serious damage. When one eye isn't functioning properly, the brain often begins to ignore it. Once that starts to happen, it renders that eye essentially blind. However, if a child is treated early, a lazy eye can be fixed fairly simply and any permanent damage can be avoided.

  • Well, in my opinion, it is not possible to have dilated pupils when you are sleep. According to the experts, there are many different factors which can cause pupils to be dilated such as high blood pressure, anxiety, drug use, illness, and trauma etc. And dilated pupils occur, when the pupils, the black part of the eye are bigger than normal. Also, we can say that dilated pupils look like a big black circle. So you should pay attention to them.