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I have been going to Visions Optical at the Tillicum Mall in Saanich British Columbia. I need a new precription done on my right lens of my glasses.. Any way I had it done,I checked before I left. There was something wrong,I told I was told to take them home and see how they were. I was back within 3 days with my complaint.I have tri focals and the lens was about 3/4 inch smaller than the old lens. Anyways they sent for another lens and it was fine. I went home and about 2 weeks later my husband said you have no tint on the right lens.I was wondering why I was having trouble with the sun etc. So back to visions. They ordered another lens to do the tint the same as my left lens. Came home and guess what the right lens is darker than the left lens. So it will be another trip to the Vision center.We live about an hour and a half away. It is costing us money every time we have to go back. We are pensioners. Dont you think they should do their job right. Needless to say I will not go back to Visions. When I had my left lens done there,I never had any trouble at all. You had better check your staff.
Yours truly Fjola Roberts.

11/08/2014 BY Fjola Roberts

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  • Treatment for red eyes varies, depending on its cause. Contact your eye doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment anytime you develop red, irritated eyes.
    If you wear contact lenses, always remove them if you are experiencing bloodshot or irritated eyes.
    Remedies for red eyes range from rest, cool compresses over your eyes and over-the-counter eye drops to more aggressive treatment such as antibiotics or even surgery.
    Remember, if red eyes are accompanied by eye pain, light sensitivity, swelling or blurry vision, see your eye doctor immediately for urgent treatment

  • Some of my friends who have perfect vision wear fake glasses too. They take it as some kind of ornament. They do look good when putting glasses on. It's a fashion trend I think. I have noticed many celebrities wearing fake glasses too, of course they look cool, but the glasses can also reshape the face to look better. Not everyone looks nice with fake glasses. Fake glasses do no harm to your eyes, so if you want have a change of you image, have a try!

  • Well, no, tanning bed cannot lead to color blindness. First, you should know that tanning bed can be kind of dangerous. And according to some experts, there are uv rays omitted by tanning bed, and that will affect eyes. In some cases, it can lead to eye cancer, because of excessive UV ray exposure. By the way, inflammation of the cornea, cataracts can be possible to. On the other hand, it cannot lead to color blindness. As we know that the causes of color blindness can be various, and injury of the eye, aging or as a side effect of using certain medications or drugs can be the most common ones. And of course, it can be hereditary too.

  • The sunken eyes will be looked with eyeballs deep in the whole eye structure. It will be looked strange. The sunken eyes will give people the impression with not good nutrition. They could use some eyes cream to adopt on the eyes parts to moisture the eyes skin. They could also do the make-up to decorate the eyes.

  • Many people discover that they have eye and vision problems with Hepatitis C and Cirrhosis. The main culprit may be Pegylated Interferon. You can see more at:

  • At first the coating does cover the whole lens,but after the lenses are cut, the edges don't have it anymore as the frame is made on them. Polishing the edges may work for you.

  • Well, it's hardly to lead to eyelashes fall out during your pink eyes. Eyelashes will fall out everyday like hair, this phenomena is the basic embodiment of metabolism. In daily life, eye flashes are not noticeable. So these days you are suffering pink eyes and found that eyelashes falling out. All these just you pay little attention on them in daily life. However, your pink eyes must be healed. Pink eyes, also called conjunctivitis, which owns many symptoms included headaches, eye pain, watery eyes, burning eyes and eye dry. These symptoms are the most common signs of pink eyes. Pink eyes because of infections and they are afraid of bright light and hot wind. Allergies also one of causes of pink eyes. Thus you must hold counsel with an oculist and seek the real causes of your conditions included eyelashes falling out. By the way, do not rub you eyes with fingers, or virtus and germs can easily skip into them and make conditions much worse than before.

  • The smokes have produced some injury to his eyes and he may essential timely action now. UK Assignment Help - can residence a piece of ice on his eyebrows and let the ice melt into water.

  • Most of us definitely have more than one pair of sunglass. Therefore, how to store these sunglasses become a difficult but important problem. According to my own experience, I have several suggestions. In the first place, you should keep them clean. Choose the suitable cleaner and clean these sunglasses regularly. Secondly, you must put your sunglasses in their own cases when you are not using them. Remember to wrap a cloth around the lens, for they are very easily scratched. At last, you should put these sunglass cases in some clean, cool and dry places.

  • Yes, hypothyroidism will cause your swelling around eyes because of the stimulated nerves in the eyes. As we know, the nerves in the whole body are interlinked. If you get the swelling eyes, you need to do something to calm down the symptom. You need to use the warm compress with clean cloth and hot water to release the symptom which will be so helpful.