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Lunetterie New Look, Place Versailles (Montreal, QC H2Y)

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Montreal, QC H2Y

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Very bad service, had to wait 45mn to see the optician. In addition, they won't give me my PD which by law is required they give you everything in your file

01/31/2015 BY jemis

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  • Before you have lasik surgery, you will undergo a rigorous preoperative examination, in order to check on whether you are appropriate to have this surgery. If you pass the checking, in general, you will not go blind after the surgery. Most patients will not get myopia again after the surgery, only some individual pathologic myopia with a degree exceed 1400 may produce part of rollback, but the rollback rate will not be great.

  • No, you'd better not wear the contact lenses. There are several conditions that need to take the iridotomy surgery. First of all, persons with iris atrophic and small pupil which drug can't loose predators need the iridotomy to help them. Secondly, the iridotomy is suitable for those people with small pupil and closed pupillary membrane. They need the surgery to open their vision sights.Thirdly, people with the offset pupil which affects the vision should take the iridotomy. Fourthly, the iris is adhesive and closed which cannot be separated by the surgery. If the iris is done the separation by force, it is likely to cause ripped corneal which will put it in danger. Last of all, if person has the atresia pupil and lung iris which may lead to the pupil retardancy glaucoma, they should accept the iridotomy. However, after the iridotomy, people should care about the eyes on purpose. The contact lenses will make the eyes feel dry and easily get the infection. Thus, you'd better not wear them after taking the iridotomy.

  • older people usually need the bifocal glasses because they have presbyopia and can't see close things clearly . Young persons can also wear bifocal glasses if they don't want to take the glasses on and off frequently cuz wearing glasses when they don't need would affect your vision . so it won't be strange for a 14-year-old child to wear bifocal glasses .

  • Lasik eye surgery is becoming the popular way to cure our eye problems, however, it will bring some side effect, dry eyes is the one of all symptoms. For the dry eyes, there are many ways to cure it. Keep the home environs humid, between 30 and 50 percent, you could use a humidifier to add moisture for dry indoor air. Avoid smoking or drinking to protect your eyes. Use some especial eye drops to relieve the symptoms, restasis is the right one which FDA approved the prescription eye drop Restasis for the treatment of chronic dry eyes. Use baby shampoo to do hot compresses and eyelid scrubs, it can provide a thicker, more stable lipid layer. It is useful to help your eyes feel good. Do not rub your eyes when your eyes feel dry, beause your hands are not so clean that cause the more serious situation. Be happy everyday is also the key part for curing dry eyes. Good luck for you, everything will be OK.

  • There are many good advantages of titanium glasses. If you haven't had a pair of titanium glasses, I strongly suggest you to have a try. Different people may emphasis the different part of their advantages. As to me, I am allergic to plastic frames. So a pair of titanium glasses won't cause such problem. And I am also sensitive to weigh. I can't bear great pressure on my nose. There is nothing wrong with my nose. But my nose will ache after wearing a pair of heavy glasses for a long time.

  • Though eye palming cannot improve eyesight, it can relax eyes effectively. When your eyes get tired, you can do eye palming to eliminate the eye strain,which will prevent your vision getting worse and keep your eye healthy.

  • Hello I had visited your store last week, and I saw a very nice welding machine, today I wanted to order it, but can not find it anymore in your shop. it looks like the first photo on this site Mail me if you are going to sell it again. I hope soon so that I can place an order. I'll wait. Regards

  • I like to wear sunglasses indoors cuz I like the feeling in them . But my moms always said I look stupid.

  • To get rid of tired eyes, you should first of all allow your eyes to have adequate rest and sleep. Do not overuse your eyes continuously for hours without any break. Do not stay up late at night reading or watching TV. Do some eye exercises regularly and use some anti-fatigue eye drops to your eyes. Apply a warm water bag or a piece of warm towel onto each of your closed eyes for about fifteen minutes every day to help the blood transportation in your eyes and relax your optical muscles and nerves. Supplement some necessary vitamins and minerals can also well remove eye tiredness. So eat more vegetables and fruits, and do not drink or smoke to irritate your eyes.

  • You'd better change the solution everyday. Some people will store their lens in the same solution for 3 days. Anyway, you should change the solution at least once a week.