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  • If you don’t normally wear glasses for distance viewing, the most important thing you can do to become comfortable wearing your lenses, is to take a week and wear your glasses full time.Even where you may not have the need to wear them, leaving them on will allow you to adapt much quicker. The next adjustment to make is looking through the correct part of the lens for your reading distance.

  • It seems that the goggles your father gave you don't suit you very much and you just have uncomfortable feelings. So, the first things you should do is to adjust the ribbon of the goggle which produces pressure around your head. Perhaps the ribbon is too long, so you can just adjust it to the most suitable condition. If this doesn't work, I suggest you buy a new one, but be sure that you try them on before you do a deal with the merchant, lest it should not fit you.

  • The chance is so little that your vision will get better without having surgery. The constant focusing and re- focusing of your eyes year after year will eventually cause the eye muscles to get weaker and weaker ,and that's why we will have presbyopia when we are old.

  • Hi right now.. You are welcomed to join the fastest growing global social media influencer platform that connects companies with IG influencer, & loyal clients. Would certainly you such as to sign up? Figure out even more right here: Sincerely yours, Bojorquez Sent out from mobile phone, all mistake self inflicted.

  • Yep, I highly recommend you to play ping pong to train your hand eye coordination. But this is not just a simple playing for a while every few days. It totally needs your practicing as often as you can. On one hand, it improves your hand eye coordination, and on the other hand, it also tests your persistence. Besides, when you play, you need to treat it as a real game instead of just playing for fun. If you think like that, you will not try hard so that you will not get the ideal results that you want. On the contrary, you need to focus when playing which can be totally good for your practicing.

  • Omega 3 is good for our eyes. Omega 3 fatty acids can help reduce inflammation which may lead to dry eye syndrome. But I think you can't solve your problem only be taking omega 3. You need to have a rest when your feel tired when using computer. And you can apply some artificial tears to moisten your eyes too.

  • In fact, common objects people deal with day-in and day-out can be extremely dangerous to the eyes. The household Chemicals, Chemicals like bleach, ammonia, cleaning agents, pesticides and others can burn your eyes' delicate tissues. When using any chemicals in your home, wear goggles, make sure the area is well-ventilated and be sure the nozzle is pointed away from your face before you spray.Industry workers, including automotive workers, welders, plumbers, construction workers, machine operators and carpenters, are especially at risk of eye injuries. Over 100,000 workers are disabled due to eye injury with vision loss each year. Workers in industrial-related positions should always wear protective eyewear.

  • Eyelashes will fall out because of various factors. Aging, eye disorders, poor quality cosmetics and some other ways. However, people think that eyelashes will grow much thicker and longer during falling out. That is not right. So do not rub eyes to make them loss on purpose. The eyelashes fall out when you rub eyes. In order to get thick and long eyelashes, you can apply some bio oil on eyelids. Lemon juice and honey work for eyelashes growing, too.

  • It is so bad for you to get the retin into your eyes which will make your eyes feel uncomfortable. You could just wash the eyes with the clean water and then dry them with the clean cloth. At last, you could use the eye drops and some warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable. It is so easy. You could have a try.

  • Yes, it is possible. There is a disorder related which is named as TMD. Temporomandibular disorder refers to problems with the jaw, the jaw joints and the surrounding facial muscles which control chewing and jaw movement. The clear and exact cause for TMD is unknown, yet dentists think the problem coming from the muscles of the jaw or the part of the joints. Grinding or clenching teeth which put a lot of pressure on the temporomandibular joints might cause TMD. Symptoms of TMD varies different from individual to individual. Common symptoms of TMD would develop severe pain of muscles or joints. The pain might spread to shoulder, neck, temple and eyes. Some people claim to experience bloodshot in eyes, eye pain above, below and behind eyes, pressure behind eyes, light sensitivity and tearing. There are some basic home remedies you can take to alleviate the pain. Apply moist ice or heat compress to your face or temple. Have soft food to reduce chewing. Because stress could cause clenching or grinding, so it is important to keep a happy and relax mood. If the pain is severe, take some pain medication to alleviate the pain.