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Giguere Richard Opticien, Succursales, Place Ste-Anne

Giguere Richard Opticien, Succursales, Place Ste-Anne (Sainte Anne De Beaupre, QC G0A)

(418) 827-4320

Category: Optical Stores, Eye Doctor

Sainte Anne De Beaupre, QC G0A

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  • If you already have a prescription for hard contacts,you can try to use it to buy soft contacts from the optical store.If there is no problem in buying them,then you can use it.

  • It is good to wear contacts in cold weather in case the steam will condense on glasses impairing vision.

  • I think you are meaning the "prescription stacking".It may be not practicable and inconvenient.What would you do if you need to see things far away?Take off your reading glasses? The contacts are not enough to correct your vision obviously.

  • Cee lo often wears sunglasses just for the cool looks. The sunglasses could protect the eyes from the uv rays and other bad lights. In addition, the sunglasses could be regarded as the accessories to make him look cool. That is why a lot of people tend to wear the sunglasses to make them look cool and fashionable.

  • Since the sunglasses are always slip down your nose, your frame of oakley sunglasses is a little big for you. You could try to adjust the nose pad of the oakley sunglasses with some instruments. You could also come to the eyeglasses store to let the clients to help you do this. Then you will feel the oakley sunglasses fit you.

  • Normally speaking, it is impossible. What is the so called black eye? Black eye is usually referring to blood and fluid collected beneath skin the swelling and discoloration of the skin around eyes. In most cases, black eye is caused by injury to eyes or face. Some surgeries on face might cause black eyes, for example sinus surgery. Coughing is a very normal action that we might experience frequently. So far, it is very common to find bloodshot in eyes because the capillaries in eyes are very fragile and delicate. The force of coughing would easily break the capillaries so we might have red eyes after coughing, crying or weightlifting. Anyway I have never seen anyone got black eye because of coughing. Black eye is just like a brasion around eyes. It usually heals up within days without requirement of other treatment. If you want to accelerate the recovery process, you can apply cold compress right after it happened to control it. After 2-3days, you can apply warm compress to promote blood circulation and help remove stasis.

  • Yes, the sinus infection will lead to uveitis because of the eye infection. The nerves in the eyes and nose are interlinked. When you get the sinus infection, there is the high possibility for you to get infection at eyes. Then the uveitis will appear. Uveitis refers to the iris ciliary body choroidal inflammation. The iris ciliary body and the blood supply for iris with large ring. At the same time, the total inflammation is often called iris ciliary body inflammation. If choroid also gets inflammation, it is called uveitis. Uveitis is a kind of multiple eye disease in young and middle-aged eye disease. Its sort is various and the cause is quite complicated. The cure is undeserved, causing blindness. It should arouse the attention from the patients. When you get the uveitis, you'd better go to see the doctor and accept the medical treatment.

  • I don't have any vision problems so I just wear glasses for fun. Sometimes just a pair of frame can make me look better if it go well with my dressing. So I often choose some kind of beautiful frames. Usually they are with bright color. If I want to buy a pair of expensive glasses, I will not choose a pair of frame randomly. I will consider lots of things before deciding to buy it. Usually it will take me almost 3 months to make the decision. It is said that if you like the things you choose 3 months later, then you can buy it without regret after another 3 months.

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  • According to your description about your prescription, You just only suffer myopia. So, you needn't buy bifocal glasses, progressive glasses or trifocal glasses. Just a pair of regular eyeglasses with single vision lenses can help you. Bifocal glasses, progressive glasses and trifocal glasses are designed to help people with many vision problems such as myopia, presbyopia and astigmatism etc. Therefore, you needn't care about it. You can go any eyeglasses shop to buy a pair of eyeglasses with your prescription. Good luck.