I currently own the pair #S929 and i’m currently looking for more for the next school year, considering the fact that i need a new prescription. the pair i own has TERRIBLE glare when taking pictures with a flash, or farther than 4 feet. does all of your glasses have bad glare, because i want to know if it’s necessary to purchase the anti glare.
Hannah on Jul 11 , 2019


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Dear customer,we are sorry for the inconvenience. For now, no glasses can avoid the bad glare if taking pictures with a flash. But the anti-reflective coating (also called 'AR coating' or 'anti-glare coating') can reduce reflection and enhance the light transmission through the lenses. It improves vision, reduces eye strain and makes your eyeglasses look more attractive. Thank you for your inquiry. 
firmoo Reply Hannah on Jul 11 , 2019