For some reason Firmoo won't let me leave a review on these glasses. I get an error saying I haven't received these glasses yet, even though I purchased them in 2019 and they're currently on my face. Anyways, please come out with these in more colours, like emerald green, ombre blue, purple etc. These are the perfect fit for my face and super comfortable for everyday wear. I would buy them in all colours.
Chanise on May 19 , 2020


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Dear Customer, thank you for contacting Firmoo. We are sorry to hear that and yes since the status was delivered, you should be able to leave a review. We would appreciate it if you can send us a screenshot of the notification error that you got saying "I haven't received these glasses yet"  at, so we can have it checked further. Please stay safe and healthy! Thanks!heart
firmoo Reply Chanise on May 19 , 2020